What if Digital Marketing Applies to Love – Love Story

There’s a town Hostgatur in Tamil Nadu which is only famous for Crocodiles. Ram, a guy from typical middle-class background lives in a shared hosting hostel. Radha, a girl with beautiful face & father controlled also living in the same town.

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Ram has been following Radha for more than 6 months but he couldn’t get any attention from her since Radha is being a father controlled girl making a big challenge for many boys who are targeting her like Ram.

Ram tried all organic ways to get her attention but barely he managed to get a few impressions. He started working on changing his dressing style and hair style, which also didn’t help infront of many other rich boys who are trying her badly.

This time he got a suggestion from a Love expert. Ram was told to work on his pimples face first, make face looks attractive, spend some money on clothes that gives him better look, learn to use words that can mesmerize any girl, tell Radha’s friends to talk about him greatly when they are around Radha and develop creativity levels.

Ram started doing changes as per the expert said such as he got backlinks from Radha’s friends, started going as a guest lecture in her classes,started telling stories that surround her interests, started going to Gym to improve his Landing page and implementing a few organic strategies.

After running this campaign for a week, to his surprise one fine day Radha came to Ram and said Hii😍

That’s ittt!!! Pixel inside Ram’s heart started thudding🔥

Radha bounced back to her home after having a healthy session duration with Ram. Ram couldn’t stop thinking about her and decided to go her home.

Previously he was scared to go her home but now he is fearless to face her and go her home as he can say she met him once.Ram started retargeting her 2-3 times everyday by doing various silly experiments such as honking his vehicle around her home,going her home telling she forgot to take her books,giving more attention to her while in classes…

After doing this for a few weeks, she understood Ram is genuine and trustable person so she started being friendly with him.
They started going to cafe,Beach,Movies and all these things started generating more clicks to Ram.

Few days later, Ram got a chance to get her number and he successfully won that Lead🌟

Ram started gaining more trust from her and her father by helping their family for free pretending he is helping just as a lecturer infront of her father.

After getting consistent clicks, good impressions from Radha, low bounce rates Ram started a new campaign showing how he can take care of her if she marries him.

Within two Adsets of this campaign Radha converted successfully and became member of Ram’s lifetime membership plan❣️

Because of Ram’s parents he placed dowry as Upsell with 50% Off coupon code applied in Checkout page🤑

Finally Ram and Radha married, moved to VPS hosting Villa near Bluehostur,Mumbai.

To be Continued….

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