Why I Wanted You To Join In This Student Club

Yes, I am not the great person and some of you may be thinking that who the hell is he? I am also one of the students like you, who saw the 98.6% and also 64% in my progress report.

Till my intermediate(12th standard), I followed what my parents told and have an illusion that happiness comes only after getting first ranks and leading in the competition.

Once after I visited Bangalore and the brand new cars are moving in front of me, I felt like, if my family also having such kind of cars, I would be sitting in the back seat with my girlfriend and enjoying the cool weather.

Then I asked some of my distant relatives(Jackman, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet), they told only 1% of the population in this world is having the half of the world’s population wealth. This is because so many don’t accept the truth that they actually need money and they love money, most of them tell, I am not interested in money.

Never trust in them, if their words are real, ask them why he/she is rushing every day to 9 to 5Ó clock job, ask them why they are looking for cashbacks, promos, coupon codes before purchasing anything, ask them why they are avoiding spending time with the family daily, ask them why they are looking for salary increments, appraisals and finally ask them will they leave Job if you give 1 Million dollars to them?

  • How many of you know exactly why you are doing what you are doing now?
  • Do you know the exact path that it can take you to?
  • Will it reach you to your sky-high goals?
  • Is this having that much potential in the future?
  • Are you aware of what is better to do to reach your goals?

Question Yourself!!!

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You might be reading this because either you having a doubt on what you are doing now or don’t know what to do or you might be getting some attention from automation future or looking for passive income or for study tips or to know the life hacks to continue in the middle-class life or for the best gadgets.

I am also still hunting to know the answers to all these questions but the thing that boosted me to create this club is I might be started this hunting from the long days before and also I might be far distant from you and everything else is even.

I might be not having that much knowledge about these but I can say that I won’t give up on these. The people who want to opt for study tips and gadgets might be thinking, I am only focusing on money.No, I am telling about every category.

The moment I saw the Rolls-Royce car moving in front of me, I asked everyone how to get one like that car. Everyone told the same answer: Money Matters.

I started reading books like RichDadPoorDad, Benjamin Franklin , Business Adventures and used to watch some motivational movies. Why am I telling all these? Because I changed a lot with these kinds of books.

After inspiring from some of these, I started ‘l’earning money. I saw so many students who think this life is permanent and one can survive only after getting jobs. They just following the queue which was created by some of the East India Company guys(I mean taking training to become the slave(Job)).

Dude this is India, you can see problems wherever you go, those are the opportunities, Grab them and sit tight and never give up on that idea and you’ll be on the Oprah show.

The main reason behind starting this club is to make a small change in the people who still think just having a degree can give the job, who don’t know how the job situation will be if entered without having proper skills and to share some ideas which were told by some experienced people in these categories.

Our Team will be sharing related to these categories and I’ll be sharing how to earn money online.I know you might have been so much frustrated after watching all Youtube thumbnails related to online money, Receiving referral apps, receiving just 0.00001$ after clicking ads for the 24 hours, entering all useless captcha.

Don’t worry I am not going to share those kinds of ideas but only genuine from which you will get money based on your skills and that is the only way if you want to get passive income.

If you feel this club may clear at least some of your doubts, Join in our club to know only the best and genuine money earning ways by entering your mail.

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