Usb killer !! It can kill your device

Beware of  USB Killer 3.0:

USB killer

Safety is an important factor which has turned into an issue in this modern world. Most of  your data is highly insecure.What if we say that even your device is insecure !! Many manufacturers don’t take it is a big issue to protect all the ports of a device. As a result the device is highly unprotected.The company claims that 95% of the devices are unprotected.

The USB Killer 3.0 is device which looks similar to any ordinary but way dangerous.When the device is plugged to any port like USB port, the device draws power from USB power lines and charges its powerful capacitors.After charging its capacitors, it discharges around 200V DC in the same USB port. Many such cycles are repeated in a fraction of a second.

If  a port is not secured , the USB Killer severely damages the major components like motherboard. So, your device may sometimes never turn on and there is no way to undo it.


Uses of USB Killer :usb killer product

Well by now, you can question us what is the use of such a device ?

This device is used for testing purpose of devices which contain USB or any such ports for vulnerability.These devices can owned by government offices for testing and protection .People who have high-end gadgets can test their gadgets.

Manufacturers of various devices can use this device for testing their product.Students and electronic enthusiasts can also own one for testing their projects.


Safety :

This device has gone through rigorous testing and is said to be very safe.It is CE and FCC approved.It ensures safety of the user.However people without technical knowledge are not advised to use it.


What happens when plugged ?

Lets check out the device one by one.Inside of USB Killer

 ASUS Chrome Book : The chrome book turned of immediately after plugging USB Killer. It completely killed the chrome book.

Apple Mac Book Pro (2016) : Well , Don’t mess with the tech giant !! The USB Killer didn’t damage the laptop.However it made enough  damage to the data transfer line. But, The power lines work as usual.

 Smart TV : The device completely fried the USB ports on the TV.

Nexus 6 P: After plugging in the device the phone restarted.The data lines didn’t work.Still you can charge the phone.

Click here to know more about it.


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