Troubleshoot For Laptops Draining Power Even After Shutdown

Now a days so many employees and students are always used to sit in front of their laptops either to complete their work,for entertainment and for any education related things.

I used to work always with my laptop but since the last five days,its draining the power even after i shutdown it and i can’t take it to any of my classes because it is working only while plugged in.I thought that battery might be not working and i went to service center and it was closed,then i talked with customer care of my laptop company.

They guided me like this and it is not a problem with battery but with a little changes in power settings and recommended use any cooling pads to avoid issues with battery.

This troubleshoot is only if your laptop is draining even after shutdown and its battery is working.

Go to search box of your laptop(Cortana search in windows) and type control panel,then go to control panel.

Then you will see a lot of categories,here you need to select the large icons by clicking on view by on the top right side of the window as shown in this image.

troubleshoot for laptop battery draining even after shutdown


Then you will see a lot of options with the large icons and here you have to select power options.

Now select the option called Choose what the power buttons do from the left side and you will see the three different options to select like what to do after pressing power button,sleep and closing the lid.

troubleshoot for laptop battery draining even after shutdown

Make sure that you have selected the shutdown option for both in battery and plugged in for the option called when i press the power option,sleep for when i press sleep option and you may select anything for the option what to do after closing the lid.

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