Tricks That Lovers Use To Stay Away From Getting Gossips

Everyone might have at least one crush in college life,it occurs not only in the college life but also during 30’s and it may also occur in the old-age homes where sons and daughters kick to, because love is blind and because of this blindness we are seeing so many crazy couples that makes us think, Howwwww yaar?,how is this possible?see her,how beauty she is and see him ********,******,******.


Having crush is not enough, impressing her or expressing love to her plays important role and so many fails in this area and managed to marry the girl who comes through the high dowry or the girl whom no one tried to marry.

Having crush is not enough, but maintaining the crush without having any gossips, without making anything that creates doubt in the family about the love plays the lead role.

So many tricks had used and have been using since God created two different genders and though it is the modern world, as we are in India, so still so many secret lovers using some tricks to maintain their relationships.

Some of these tricks are outdated:

Asking friends to know what colour dress crush wore today so that he also wears the same dress.This creates a kind of gossip environment.

Always putting Dairy Milk Silk chocolates in the crush’s bag during interval times and if she eats, he feels that she liked him.Actually, anyone who is having at least brain must knows that no girl avoid Silk and they can take them from anyone unless their parents put condition not to take chocolates from strangers in trains, buses e.t.c

Sending FB requests, messages until she blocks.Sending Love letters through friends.Making Friends who are friends of Crush.Calling her house and talking in the female voice when her father took and sometimes even she took the phone.

Always busy in helping crush in record writings, assignment writings, so that there might be chances that she is also  busy in talking to her crush.

After understanding all these ways are waste of time, I tried to find the new ways and still I didn’t get any new ideas but I followed these techniques.

I think most of you might already know these techniques,if not continue reading them until the end and comment if you like any of the idea.

Two Rings

Once I tried to talk to my girlfriend during holidays, she is not having any mobile and I think they are just above the middle-class line so their entire home is having only one Nokia mobile.

I called to that mobile and unfortunately, her dad took the phone and then I started asking him whether he wanted any insurance and fortunately he didn’t want any insurance so I hang the phone.

Like this, I acted like Insurance guy, Stockbroker, customer care guy, Byjus Guy, municipality worker and finally stopped calling after acted like septic tank boy.

Then one day she called me and I told this idea, I told her whenever phone receives exactly 2 rings then it is me, if it rings more than 2 times, let her parents take the phone.Then take the call which comes after that two rings.

Then the problem solved and instead of taking phone whenever it rings their parents started calling her to take the phone as they think that call belongs to her, not to them.

Of course, even though this idea works sometimes I used to act like insurance guys just to re-confirm her or her mother.

Whatsapp Groups

Once I tried to find all of my crush’s facebook, phone number, Aaadhar card Number, GST number but after all the work I found out that she is not on Facebook and not even in any WhatsApp Groups.

Then holidays came and it became very difficult, so I tried to promote an ad in Google, Facebook targetting to her city with the picture of mine so that every time she opens facebook, my photo will pop up.But she is not even having  FB also.

Then I got one idea, though she is not in WhatsApp groups, her friends are there in the group.Then I used whatsapp to express my feelings like this.

Everyone knows that one can post content with bolded,striked using *,~.But one can use another font also by adding (”’),(_)these.For example Happy ”’Birthday”’ this makes Birthday appears different format.

You may think what is there in this, the main thing behind this idea appears when sending the large content in the WhatsApp groups including your message in this with this technique.

For example, You can express your feelings in the large content by bolding the text but everyone can find what you want to say from the content because if you bold single letters it will create doubts in the readers.

So I used this technique and asked one of her friends to share the message with her and told her to copy the content and paste it into the editor so that she could see some letters and words differently in the content which I wanted to express her.

If you still didn’t get what I am saying, take a look at these images:


This is the content which is related to my website that I posted in My Relative’s Whatsapp Group and shared with her friend so that she won’t get any doubt in this, then after talking to her friend I requested her to share this content to my crush and told her to copy and paste the entire content and observe that content carefully.


After she pastes the content in the editor, she could notice some letters and words appear with ”'(single quotes) and with _(underscores) which no one can notice all these when the content is posted in the group, they might notice bold words so that I told bolding is a waste trick to express feelings.

But still, I don’t know whether she got what I wanted to tell her from that copy and pasting the content…

If you like this idea comment and share to one side lovers:)

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