A Train Journey From Dharmavaram To Bangalore

A Train Journey From Dharmavaram To Bangalore
It was summer, enjoying holidays with my online friends and mobile games. I decided to go to Bangalore and enjoy a lot with my real friends, packed all my luggage and booked a ticket. I was Waiting in the railway station for the train, I am sure I listened to announcement more than 2 times telling that the train I was waiting for has been delayed for half an hour, so after doing the math I realized I was waiting there for the last 2 hours. Anyway, I was also busy with my Bigo(Live stream App) friends, finally, the train had arrived!

It is very tough to get a seat in such a train if you haven’t booked a reservation ticket. I rushed and tried to enter the train through the Queue, I saw one guy was not following the queue and tried to enter the train, everyone started shouting at him, he didn’t care them as he pretended he was deaf and dumb! Then one more guy did the same, another guy with his wife did the same, then one man with his wife tried to enter the train telling us his wife is pregnant, then everyone started breaking the queue!!! I saw a small girl was just feet away from falling into the downside of the train, her parents were busy in quarreling with the next guy to enter the train, I took the girl on my shoulders. I saw her parents entering the train, then I asked the girl whether they are really her parents. “Yes”, she replied, then immediately I entered the train and gave her to them. Oh! Thanks, I almost forgot about my lovely kid, her mother told me! I felt happy that I did something good that day and I felt I was rewarded for that as I entered the train where so many guys were quarreling outside for that.

I saw a few guys sleeping on the seats even though it was not a reservation compartment. I asked one guy to give me someplace to sit, “Our family members are drinking tea outside, they will come”, he replied! I went to other guy and asked for someplace to sit, he also replied the same. I was waiting to get a seat, train started and was almost full! I didn’t see anyone outside drinking tea and train was at almost outside of the town. Once again I asked this guy to give me someplace to sit, again he replied his parents are drinking tea outside. I slapped him and showed the trees moving backside through the window. He laughed, told none of his parents were outside the train and gave me someplace to sit. He lied to everyone so that he could enjoy the total seat on his entire journey.

I saw a few guys sleeping under the seat, few guys sitting near the toilet, some guys near the door putting their legs outside the train. A few minutes later, I saw everyone stunned and started putting their hands into their pockets, I thought ticket collector might be coming. Someone started clapping, I turned my head backside to find out who the hell entered the train. I saw a beautiful lady with an amazing saree, astonishing jewelry, seducing scent smell and the male voice asking for money. I would be happy to give whatever she asks, but she told me she would curse if I don’t give money to her. I gave her 10 Rupees, she pressed my cheek and went away!

A guy beside me left the train as the train reached his hometown, I got the window seat! Enjoying the cool waves putting my tongue outside and taking inside making it dry and wet. Airtel sent me a notification that I reached Karnataka state. I saw most of the walls in the villages were painted with Dodla Milk Ads. Train stopped at Yelahanka Junction, a man with his wife and daughter entered the train. They were lucky as they got seats without any waiting, I was also lucky as his daughter sat beside me! She looked amazing with curly hairs, curvy body, and a cute face.

I wanted to break the silence and to start a conversation with them. “Where are you heading to uncle?”, I asked him. “Bangalore is the next and final stop, right?”, he asked me sarcastically! His daughter laughed at me, I also laughed and stopped talking to them. His daughter was searching for a water bottle from their luggage, her mother told she forgot about putting the water bottle. He yelled at them asking how could they forget putting water bottle when moving to a new city. I was trying to give my bottle to his daughter as she started getting hiccups, she saw his father’s face and rejected to take it from me. She started getting more hiccups, I took the bottle and started drinking looking at him. As he noticed I was going to empty the bottle, he requested me to give her some water. I laughed this time, she also laughed and took the bottle from me! She thanked me as her hiccups stopped. I asked her name, “Akhila”, she replied without looking at her father this time! I introduced myself and started to make her laugh with my jokes, her father interrupted me asking silly questions. After a few minutes, she fell asleep and her father stopped talking to me. I tried so many times to turn right to see her face making sure her father wouldn’t notice my moves. I wished she had sat in the window seat having me beside her so I could get to see her pretending to look outside the window. To my surprise, her father also fell asleep. I saw my bottle falling from her hand, I tried to take it. She woke up and saw me trying to take the bottle. I said sorry as I felt I disturbed her sleep, she smiled and said ok. I said to myself that I don’t want to miss this opportunity and started talking to her. We talked a lot of stuff, in fact, we are the same in many things. I asked for her phone number, she told she doesn’t have a mobile. Before proceeding further, she replied she doesn’t have a facebook account also as she had guessed what my next question would be.

I felt so disappointed and asking myself how could I get to see her again? My heart started whispering to me not to miss her. I checked Google maps, Bangalore was half an hour away from my current location. My heart started beating fast as I was going to die within half an hour. I asked her to give at least her father’s number. She told me the number without any sign of a question mark on her face. I thought she would ask me why would I need her father’s number, but she gave immediately as she had given to many guys like this before. I took my side view camera shot gadget, attached to my phone and took a photo of her beautiful and unforgettable face!

We reached Bangalore, landed on the station, she started walking towards steps with her parents.  I was standing there watching her with the hope she looks at me at least one time before leaving the station. The distance between us started increasing, heart started thudding, legs started shaking, everything became blurred as my tears were covering my eyes. I cleared tears, noticed she went far away from me that I couldn’t even see her:( Tears rolled down, I am sure that I would have screamed there if no one was around me.

–The End–

I know you might be thinking how can it be the end when I am having her father’s number. That’s a different story and soon will be published…

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