Top Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Bottles

copper bottle benefits

If you are reading this, I am sure you are a person who is very careful about health. Today I wanna make sure you to know so many interesting things about the benefits of a copper bottle and why you need these copper utensils. Before we go into the main section let’s check out what our ancient guys were using to store water and some food items.

Let’s pretend now I am in Dwapara Yuga, wandering on the roads of brindavanam:)

I met this guy who was playing with his friends, he was friendly and offered me a free lunch at his home. I went to his home and talked to his mom, wondered to see all the utensils they were using to store food and water. Guess what? they were copper and clay pots! I sat for my lunch on the floor, his mother placed a copper plate in front of me and one copper glass and jug. I asked her why were they using copper and clay pots instead of steel or plastic. I was surprised at the answer she said! She said that she doesn’t know what the heck that plastic was, but she started telling me why they were using copper utensils. Here I recorded whatever she told me in my iPhone and I wanna tell you them as recently I was back into this Kali Yuga where not only Utensils but also some Smiles are Plastic.

Before revealing what she told, I wanna share some interesting things about water and copper!

Water is the most essential part for us to lead a very healthy life. Around 71% of Earth is covered with water and almost 70% of human body is made up of water. Humans should drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily to have a healthy life.

What we eat is what we are, what we drink is what decides our health!

Copper is an essential mineral that one must need for a healthy life as it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. You know what? your body can’t produce this mineral you have to get it from food such as leafy vegetables, seafood, meat, cereals, potatoes and also by drinking water that has been stored in copper bottles, which is one of the easy methods.

We Indians realize the power and knowledge our Vedas told us only after other countries implemented them, right? See what Americans, Germans and so many other countries are talking about the use of copper. This is the image where hospitals in America were started using copper in their hospitals.

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Nowadays, people are very busy as they can’t even spend some time on their health and fitness. We used to buy some plastic bottles which were cheap and also poisonous as it was mixed with chemicals. Plastic bottles are not preferred to buy if you want to have a healthy life.

Alkaline water is also best to drink as it’s pH level is higher than normal drinking water. (pH levels range from 0 to 14 indicates acidic to alkaline nature) Alkaline water which is natural, considered as the good water to drink but people buy alkaline water which has undergone Reverse Osmosis or electrolysis.

Here is Where these Copper Bottles Help You A Lot:)

Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Water Bottle

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Boosts Your Digestive System:

Copper is a great remedy for indigestion,ulcers and reduce inflammation within the stomach as it has some properties that kills bacteria.

Regulates Cardio-Vascular Health:

Ayurveda describes, drinking water that has been stored in copper bottle at least 4  hours could regulates heart beat rate and blood pressure.

Formation Of New Cells:

As I said earlier, our body can’t synthesize copper which is an essential mineral for our body. You have to take it from food or taking water from copper bottles help in the formation of new cells.

Kills Water Bacteria:

Water that has been stored in copper bottles for at least 4 hours is enough to kill bacteria in it. Just pour water into the bottles in night times so that bacteria would have died and water would be ready for you to start a fresh and healthy day:)

Slows Down Ageing:

This is the main reason that triggered me to buy copper water bottles. This really helps you to get rid off those irritating lines formation on your face as it has anti-oxidant and cell formation properties. (Don’t think that you can remain always at 16 years if you drink liters of water from copper bottles:)

To list out all the benefits of copper bottles, I could write down a long list which may include some Miscellaneous words, Words which M.B.B.S guys can only understand so I prefer to stop by adding these into the list:

  • Helps to build Immunity power so your wounds get healed before you approach to pastor in a church:)
  • Regulates the thyroid glands
  • Acts as anti-cancer agent
  • Helps In Losing Weight

Phew!!! She said a lot but I short it down and also added some of my own content. Since I am a crazy human, I had a lot of doubts about whatever she told me and without any hesitation, I asked all my doubts:

  • Does it get rust and if it gets rusted, water will be waste, Isn’t it?

Ans: No, it won’t get rusted as easily as iron, but wash it regularly with some tamarind or lemon juice.

Me: Like VIM Soap?——Some awkward silence in room—– a few seconds later I realized Vim soap is what we use in this yuga so I started asking next question….

  • How many hours can water be stored?

Ans: As copper won’t reacts with water you can keep the water as many days as you want!

After getting all my questions answered, I was so hurried to place an order for all copper utensils available at amazon, so I said Thanks to her and that boy for offering me such a fantastic lunch and vanished from that place to this yuga.

As Amazon is offering such a great price on all copper products, I ordered some copper utensils for myself and home!

What are you waiting for? Do you have one copper bottle for yourself?Do your home has some copper utensils? Not Yet????

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