9 Things You Must Check Before Buying Web Hosting In 2019

things to check before buying a web hosting

As Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then you are out of business”  everyone is starting websites for their businesses even it may be a small fruit juice shop. This is a world where everyone takes advantage of everything, so if you don’t have at least some knowledge about something you are gonna pay then you end up paying until your credit card shows nill. Here in the article, know the top 9 things you must check before buying a web hosting. If you are aware of these things and read this article How to start a blog as a Beginner, you don’t need someone to help you build your own website/blog.

Let’s talk the truth for the next 8.5 minutes! When we go shopping for clothes, we ask the worker to show 2- 20 models, then we go to a trial room with 10 of them, then short them to 4, then create a poll on 2 of them on Instagram and finalize the one before the worker’s face becoming reddish, Right? Similarly, it applies to this hosting services.

To save your valuable time, we cut down all the steps from selecting 2-20 to the best hosting service based on whatever we experienced so far.

Things You Should Check Before Buying Web Hosting In 2019:

Speed Performance

If you buy hosting at a very high price and it makes your website’s visitor annoying with the loading speed then all the price you paid will be wasted. According to Google’s research, 53% of website visitors leave the site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. You must consider this factor before buying hosting to get more traffic and avoid site getting high bounce rate. I did a kinda research on this speed performance on various hosting services and I found out Hostgator takes the very low load time compared to many other services.

Uptime and Downtime

You must buy a hosting service which can provide at least 99% uptime score. In a world where competitors are more hungrier than ever, It is highly recommended to buy a web host with 99.5% and more uptime score. According to Hosting Manual, they calculated the downtime for 30days as mentioned below:

  • 99 percent – Two Nines equals seven hours and 12 minutes downtime
  • 99.999 percent – Five Nines equals 26 seconds

Storage and Bandwith

Choose a hosting service that can provide more storage space and the bandwidth. Storage space is where the total space on the server where you can store all your website files. Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer occurs between website and visitor. Having a solid state drive load files much faster than a standard drive. You must take a look over into these two factors before buying a web hosting.

First Time and Renewal Time Price

This is the key point to check if you want to save money in the long-term. I made the big mistake by not checking the renewal price of my hosting plan since I was so much attracted to the first annual price which was very cheap. One year later I got an email from them showing the renewal price I should pay for then onwards, I was shocked to see the price since it was double the price that I paid for the first year. I don’t want you to make this mistake.

Customer Support

I’m sure you will definitely contact many times with your hosting service in the first few days unless you are a developer. I started my blog with no knowledge about this hosting and WordPress so I had to face many issues for the initial set up of my blog, but thank god! the service that I paid for was providing 24*7 customer support. If you buy a hosting service that provides 24*7  customer support then most of your site issues will be resolved in a  few minutes. I recommend you use Hostgator since they are rated as the best in customer support.

Price and Package Comparison

Let me tell you how much I regretted buying a plan just because of an offer was running at that time and not checking all plans that suit my business. If you want to buy hosting, then you must these questions:

  • what type of website do you want to build?
  • What platform do you want to use?
  • Do you want to run the website for years?
  • How many visitors do you think your website should handle per day?
  • Should I use Shared hosting or VPS or Dedicated Server?

Shared hosting is the preferred one for beginners where many websites will be shared on one web server connected to the Internet. Make sure you check all plans and compare with each other.

  • Try to buy a hosting plan for 2 or more years to save money.
  • Buy a plan where you can add unlimited domains while in your first time purchasing because you won’t be getting that much rewards and offers in your renewal time.


This is also one of the important factors to consider if you want to show the results to your local audience super faster. To make this simpler, when you want to pour a water on to plants, water will flow super fast when the distance between the one end of the pipe to the tap is very less and it will be slow when the distance is high. Exactly, if your server is in America, the audience are from India then it takes much time to load. This is also one of the reasons why I recommended you use Hostgator for your website since they have over 7000 servers and expanding. If you are from India and want to buy hosting server located in India, then you must check out this service since they launched services in India.

Refund Policy

Nowadays all hosting companies are offering a refund policy or trial period where you can opt out if you don’t like their service. If you are not sure whether the hosting service you want to pay can deliver good progress, then you can make use of this option. When you sign up, please check the refund policy to know the trial end period so that you would be aware of the date when the trial ends. Hostgator offers 45 days refund guarantee.

Hostgator refund Policy

Website Builder

Nowadays all hosting services provide all the tools required to build a website. These type of builders help you build a beautifully designed website with drag and drop options. This feature would be very useful if you don’t want to stress out with WordPress and coding stuff. But you won’t be getting as much as flexibility as you see in the WordPress.

If you are still stuck with which service should you prefer, I strongly recommend you Hostgator as I mentioned how it has been helpful for me in all the above factors.

If you still have any doubts in choosing the service, feel free to comment I would be so much happy to help you:)

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