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Let me tell you why I mentioned only 100% Real and working Online Money ways

When I got introduced to Online money, I was like "Wow, so I can also work with just a laptop having an internet connection".

I can say I touched almost all those online money ways which said one could earn 100$,1000$,100000$ per day. I was literally obsessed with them and glued my face to laptop 24 hours.

If you ever went through this, I can imagine what you had been doing at that time! Guess what?

  • It's clicking random ads and waiting for 5 seconds and spending hours to do the same process just to get 0.1$ or sometimes even less.
  • It's copying some text from some data entry sites and pasting in some forms just to get 0.4$ or less per day.
  • It's installing apps for signup bonus and sharing them to others with your referral link for 1$ or maybe 2$.
  • It's sending some emails or promotional emails to several ids or sharing someone's posts on social media.
  • It's liking strangers' posts and subscribing to random guys' channels.
  • Playing games which would paya very decent amount of money (1$).

The List goes on...Right? Are you related to any of these?

After went through all of them, I realized I was wasting so much of my time just to earn 1 or 2$ per day. Suddenly I felt like I became matured in that field, then I jumped to some big guys.

They were talking about freelancing, blogging, sell products and services. I was like "what the hell, How these guys are earning thousands of dollars when I am struggling to get a dollar a day?"

This time I didn't want to become the victim of online money baits, so I analyzed what's working and worth doing.

Now my thinking level has grown up to the Gentleman level!

I don't want you to become a victim of those anonymous gurus and their Clickbait thumbnails.

Here I will send updates about true and real online money ways which I am using to earn a decent amount of money. [I think I should have written: "to earn 1000$ per day so sign up for the newsletter", but I didn't because I don't want to play tricks with you]


Bhavani Prasad.

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