Stop Wynk Music App Ads Without Subscription-Best Hack

Hei you, I know how much you are frustrated with those shitty ads while listening to your lovely songs in Wynk App:) I am a lover of music and lyrics, I may forget to take my room keys but never my Stylish Bluetooth Earphones. Once I was listening to some rock song from Wynk App, then suddenly a wynk ad started telling me I need Insurance, who the hell was he interrupting me and disturbing my mood? As we are Indians, we prefer to search for hacks before paying money for a subscription, I went to google and got some shitty hacks which even a kid knows them. I don’t want to tell those kinds of stuff to you, read until the last or at least to where you found the Wynk ad hack:) Let’s hop into that…

stop wynk ads -wynk hack

Follow these instructions to skip the Wynk ads while listening to music from Wynk App. First I would like to begin with some silly tricks:)

Sit Tight In The Queue:

Add all your songs into the queue, now tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right side of Wynk App as shown in figure 1.1(a).

Now you can see all the songs in the queue, play any song you wish.

wynk ads hackwynk stop ads

Enjoy listening to music from wynk app, if any wynk ad starts playing you can see that ad in the notification, don’t touch that ad on notification, Instead go to Wynk music app from recent apps, it opens directly the queue page, now tap on any song.

Now ad stops and the song starts playing.

wynk ads hackwynk ads hack

Yeah, you might be thinking, so I should always go to the wynk app and click on the other song everytime a wynk ad starts playing? Yes, you have to, because you chose not to pay the subscription amount but wants to block wynk ads.

Skip Wynk Ads Without Touching Them:)

This is the best method that I am using to skip Wynk ads, I didn’t find this trick anywhere so I  guess I am the first one to reveal this, Isn’t it? Comment after knowing this trick whether It was used by any of you.

All you need is this Stylish Wireless Earphones, that’s it!!! Play songs from wynk app, now wait for a wynk ad, If you have this Stylish Wireless Earphones, then ad stops immediately after you press the pause/power button on Earphones. Then press the same button again to play the song from wynk app.

I do the same trick, I used to listen to songs so much of time, I wear these Wireless Earphones. I press the pause/power button whenever an ad starts playing. That ad stops and the song starts playing after pressing the button again.

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I am sure this trick works and helps in skipping wynk ads. Like the wynk guys tell in ads, listen to only music, not any ads from now onwards:)

Hope I didn’t tell the silly tricks but only useful tricks. Yeah, this can’t stop wynk ads from playing, but helps in skipping them right?

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