How To Start Your Own YouTube Channel-2019


If you have some skills which could make you famous or if you own any kind of business which could get more profits if you get more customers,then its time to have your own Blog/website,Youtube channel or at least knowledge about how youtube advertisements works.

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how to create youtube channel

Here it shows everything you want to know to create a perfect youtube channel.

Creator Studio

To start creating your channel first sign into your google account and then go to Youtube.

Now you can see a circular icon which is your google accounts profile image at the top right corner of your youtube page.

Then you can see a pop up option with your mail,creator studio and settings icon e.t.c.,click that button.

how to create youtube channel


Create Your Channel

Now its time to start your channel,you can see an option like create your channel and click that option.


Then name your channel and before naming your channel be specific on what topic you are going to focus or which type of business you wish to do.

Do a lot of analysis before naming your channel and it should be like attractive and remembered by everyone who visits your channel in the future.

For example I want to start a channel which tells about all technological and money tricks and tips so I named my channel as Tech and Money Tricks.

how to create youtube channel

Now add your channel art and its very important to express your channel category and in that you can add your social sites link in which you can get likes or followers from those links specified in that channel art.

So add your channel art image and then write your channel description with specific keywords related to your channel and your business.

The description is which makes search engine to show your channel to more visitors if they searches any keywords related to your channel.

how to create youtube channel

Branding and Unlock features

You have to create your channel a brand image and this can be done mostly with your channel description,channel art and channel profile picture.

But youtube allows us to create a small water mark picture type for your channel logo and it displays all the time your videos running.

We can get more features from the latest updates of Youtube,to unlock them you need to verify your site with your phone number.

To verify click the option called channel  on the left side of the dashboard and go to status and features where you can see a lot of features which shows you are eligible and not for them.

For example here I am going to enable Content id appeals,after clicking enable you can see verify your site from either of this options.

Enter your mobile number and you will receive text code and enter there,click submit and your channel will be verified.



how to create youtube channel

Now lets have a look into how to add  your brand water mark pic to your your site,go to channel and click Branding.

Then you can see add your branding image and window displays to upload your pic and that will be displays in all your videos and it can link to your channel to get more subscribers.

how to create youtube channel

Upload your First video

You are almost done in creating a nice your youtube channel and its time to upload your First video.

Excited?But wait before uploading because use almost all features from youtube before you publish that and better apply all the photoshop and attractive background music which can attract viewers.

To upload your video click an icon which appears as shown in this picture and click upload and upload your video,publish them.

how to create youtube channel

Almost everyone starts their youtube channel to earn money and to earn money with your videos its easy.

First you need to signup with Google Adsense account and you have to monetize your channel with adsense.

Anyway lets try to monetise our channel and see what will happens.

To monetize your channel,Click the channel on the dashboard and you will see lot of options,select status and features.

Then you can see a lot of boxes shows you are eligible,ineligible.Select the monetization and click enable to create youtube channel

Now you will see we are not eligible for that as it says that eligible only after your channel hits 10,000 visitors,but don’t worry its easy to get approved by adsense.

After your channel hits 10k visitors and approved by adsense,start your earnings and don’t forget your subscribers.

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