How To Start a Website/Blog(Free) For Beginners-2019

Nowadays its easier to create a blog for yourself and you don’t even require any technical skills or programming skills.

Just follow these steps and finally, you will have your own blog with neatly designed templates.

Update: I’ve tried many sites with Blogspot, I would say these free hosting sites suck and it takes you ages to earn money compared to blogs you start with little investment.

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In this article, I would like to tell you how to create your own blog/website freely without paying any amount for domain and hosting.

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We can create blogs freely from a lot of sites like,,, which you probably heard of these from various ads displayed on websites or from social sites.

I am going to use blogger to create our first blog and you can also use any of the above sites.

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STEP:1 Go to

Blogger logo

STEP:2 Click on sign in button where you have to sign with your mail and continue with your mail.

blogger sign in

STEP:3 Then you may see confirm your profile,click confirm and then click on the create a new blog.

create a blog


STEP:4 Its time to add title name to your blog and domain name to your blog.

As we are doing free blog without paying hosting fee,we can get our site domain name with their subdomain.

Like we can get our domain name as than and that too we will have very few chances to get the domain name that we liked.

As you can see from the below image,i started to give the title to my blog as Viral News and i tried to get my domain name as but i couldn’t.

So i extended by adding letters and numericals to that domain and finally i got my domain name as

Then select your desired template and i think its better to select the best template after analysing on your topic.

blogging tutorials



STEP:5 Select your theme for you site just by clicking themes on the tutorials

Then you can customize you theme by clicking on customise button and you can also edit theme like how it should appear on mobiles.

      blogging tutorials





Then click on the new post where you can see at the top left side of your dashboard and then you can edit your post just by writing or you can also use html to write and design your post.

You can see all the setting in the right side of that page showing various options like labels,shedule e.t.c.,

Click on the options and you can select the various options to allow your post read by users,comment to them.

blog tutorials

STEP:7 Get Support from your friends.

Yes you can get add multiple authors to your blog to write articles and this can reduce a burden on you.

To add authors just go to setting and click on basic,then you can see add authors below Permissions as shown in this image.

blogging for beginners

STEP:8 Maintain your blog and don’t forget to update your blog,use different themes,design to your site.

Start writing articles related to your passion and you will get visitors automatically.

If you have visitors you can start earning money with this blog and the bottom line is patienBlogging-motivationce is the key factor to become the best blogger.

Write your own content and in your stylish way,Focus on content than revenue and don’t give up even if you get 0.000005$ per month as beginning is always a hard thing.

If you have any queries please feel free to comment in this comment box.

If you want to know how bloggers earning money and what are the best ways to earn money with your blog,check this link:

How to Earn Money With Blogging




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