How to Start a Blog to Make More Money In 2019

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are pretty much excited to know how to start a blog and it may be either to make money or just to have your presence on the Internet! In this article, I will walk you through from the baby steps to baby producing stage ( Lol, I mean creating your own blog). So in simple words, creating a blog is like raising a baby and Let’s begin it!

start a blog and make more money

This image may sound exaggerating, but there are guys who are earning lakhs monthly with their blogs, read this article for motivation: Top Bloggers and their Earnings

First Things First, before starting a blog you must know what are the ingredients required to make your blog looks fresh and attract many people!

Steps to be followed to create your Blog:

  1. On What topic or Niche, you want to write in your Blog?
  2. Get a Domain Name.
  3. Choose the best Hosting Service.
  4. Choose the Blogging Platform.
  5. Install the theme or make one.

Let’s crawl into each step and complete the task right now so that you can have your own blog before you complete reading this article, It’s that simpler than you think.

Choose the Topic to Write

I have categorized the people who want to start a blog based on the topics they choose and the way they use their blogs.

  • Some people start a blog to make money since a blogger can earn money in multiple ways. Once your blog starts getting a decent amount of traffic and followers, then you have the seducing power to attract money. It all depends on your creativity on how you leverage that traffic to get Income.

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  • Some people start a blog to showcase their works, portfolio or to have an online presence. Tip: It would be better to have a website to crack in any interviews.
  • Some people start a blog just to share their life’s incidents or to promote any upcoming events (these may be temporary sites).

If you are in the above list, then you have to be very clear on what topic you want to write in your blog. Choosing a topic is very important if you want to earn money in long-term. I did a very big mistake in choosing the niche, so I used to write posts on random topics to which I used to get traffic if and only if I share links to people. This won’t give you organic traffic unless you wrote an article with Perfect SEO done!

I don’t wanna make you the same mistake as I did, so don’t be rushy in this step. Sit tight and think about the topics that you are interested in and make sure those topics would also gain traffic. You don’t want to write a ton of articles for aliens so choose a topic that you are interested in and also many people.

⚠️If you are confused about which topic to choose, then start writing articles on what you are interested in. It gives you clear Idea about which topic to choose after writing 3-5 blog posts. (this happened to me:)

Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog

Hurray! what do you do after your baby out from the womb? Nomenclature would be the perfect word to answer 😀

Never go for creating a blog for free unless you are having infertilility problem, I may sound rude and crazy but if you wanna see your baby ( Blog) in the top position in the Google results, you must invest some amount of money for domain name and Hosting

There is a reason why I said you not to create a blog for free:

You may buy a domain name with .gf, .shit, .gu or any other shitty extensions, You may get free hosting from so many hosting services which are having pretty super fast servers so your viewer have to wait hours to see your blog, You may also get Google Adsense approved so you can show ads and make money very less compared to one who invested money in domain name and Hosting.

Still, if you want to go and create a blog for free, Check this: How to create a Blog for Free

For those who are having at least 5 – 10$ and want to earn money with blogging, follow these steps to make your blog live and keep it alive safely for many years.

I suggest you buy domain Name from Godaddy because it would be better having a domain name from one service and hosting from the other.

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  • To buy a domain name from Godaddy, go to and create a new account.
  • Enter the domain name you want to purchase and select the domain with your preferred extension(.com would be the better choice)

How to start a blog and Make more Money

You can see I tried to purchase, ignore the other extensions if you don’t want to buy them

  • Now click on Add to cart and you will see the page asking you to add more services, set them to No Thanks and proceed for checkout.
  • Now it’s time to enter your address details and complete the purchase with your credit card or any other payment method you have.
  • Congrats you got your baby named and its time to land it in the safe place.

Choose a Hosting Service for Your Blog

There are plenty of hosting services that guarantee you the best service for your blog, here I am gonna explain how to purchase hosting plan with Hostgator since this site is being hosted with Hostgator.

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If you are from India,  don’t confuse with the dollars mentioned in the below image, you see all the plans in INR when you go through this link: Best deals In Hostgator for Indians

But I suggest you go and purchase hosting from since they provide you very good customer service and the service speed also speed compared to hosting you buy from Indian site. You also get up to 60% Off on Hosting and a coupon code will be automatically added if you buy from this link.

  • Go to Hostgator website and click on hosting plans where you see all the hosting plans. (For blogs, Shared Hosting with Baby plan would be a better choice)

how to buy hosting with hostgator

  • Then you see the page asking domain name, since we already own a domain name, select I already own domain name and enter that name.

how to buy hosting with hostgator

  • Then enter all the required details and complete the purchase with credit card or any other payment method you have.

Tip: Select Hosting tenure for 12 or more months to save money. Uncheck the additional addons if automatically added in the checkout page, you can purchase them later based on your requirements.

Choose the Blogging Platform and Make your Blog Live

If you have made it to this far, you are a few inches away to see your blog on the Internet 🙌

After completing the domain name and hosting purchase, you must have received emails with all details to access to your account. For example, I received this mail from hosting service after purchasing the plan:

how to start a blog and make more money

You see all the details to access into account, here you need to do just two things and you are done with creating a blog process.

Task 1: Change Nameservers in your Godaddy account:

In the mail you received you see name servers, you need to enter them in GoDaddy. Login into your GoDaddy account and click on DNS Button.

how to start a blog and make more money

Now you see the page to change Nameservers, click on Change, paste the nameservers you got in your mail and click on Save button.

how to start a blog and make more money

Task 2: Login to Cpanel and Install WordPress

This is the final step, how excited it would be whenever we hear ‘this is the final step of this process’?

Login to Cpanel: In the same email you got from the hosting, you see a link to login to cpanel with username and password details. Enter username and password to login to Cpanel.

Now you see an interface where all automation tools, database, and lot more useful options, scroll down to the bottom until you see softaculous app installer.

how to start a blog and make more money

Here you can choose any platform for blogging, I suggest you use WordPress for blogging because of its plugins and useful features.

Click on WordPress, click on Install, now you see the page to enter your domain name, username, password, email, and theme (optional, you can install later). Enter all these details and click on Install.

Now you have installed WordPress and you can see your site live on the internet within 24 hours after purchasing the hosting plan.

Now you can log in to WordPress through the link: (Replace with your domain name)

After Logging into WordPress, go to appearance and install any theme you are interested ( free or paid).

That’s it!!! You created your blog. It’s time to write posts and there are a lot more to do with your blog as you want to make money, right?

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