Just Do This Before You Share Anything To Earn Money Online

I am making sure that this trick is not a fake and also the website is running for so many years, so don’t worry about this trick.Just follow the following steps and you will see decent money in your account just spending a few minutes on this website.

how to earn money just by sharing links

Step1: Sign Up For This Website

Just go to the website adbitly.com and it asks you enter the details for sign up, enter all the required details and complete the signup process.

Sign Up from here: Adbitly.com

They’ve provided whatsapp number also if you want to know details like testimonials, last payments you can message them and WhatsApp number is 9121959918.

Step2: How this Works

The website gives you money just by shortening the links, I mean whenever you want to share some links to your friends/family just you have to copy that link and paste in this website and shorten that link, then share that shortened link to your friends.

Like in the picture, copy any link and paste it into the URL shortener and select that shortened link and share that link.

how to earn money just by sharing links

Whenever they open that link, you will receive amount and the amount is based on thousand views and also depends on the country where I’ve got maximum 1.25$ per thousand views as I am from India.

This is same as the normal link but if they go from this shortened link, it takes 5 seconds delay before they go to the link they wanted.For example, click this link which is shortened which links to one of my blog posts, Shortened Link you will see 5 seconds delay before you go to the link you wanted.

You could get statistics on how many views are getting for different links so you can track your link status directly from your dashboard.

If You have a youtube channel, this site is offering the best offer where you have to publish video and make sure the video should run at least 3 minutes explaining about adbitly(try to display the adbitly text on the video).

They will give 1$ per 1000 views of your video and what are you waiting for, go and start earning and you can earn maximum up to 10,000 views so you can earn 100$ by just creating a video.

If you still don’t have a youtube channel, don’t worry its very easy and will be done in very few minutes, just check this link: How to start a youtube channel

Just Read For Four Minutes and Earn 400 rupees with proof: Click here

You can also earn money by referring your friends through your referral link and you can get 10% money of their earnings and it is lifetime access.

Step3: How To Withdraw

You can withdraw money immediately you reach the minimum amount or more i.e., just you have to earn 5$ to get paid and You can transfer money to your paytm or bank account.

This would take no longer 3 days and you have to enter your payment option to send money.



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