Select The best Stream After 10th

After completing 10th every one will look into What’s Next ?, Which is better for my career ?, Am I good at those streams ? Oh, all my friends are applying for a college and ‘What am I doing here?’

If you are head knocking yourself with these kind of questions, you are definitely on the right page to clear all your confusion.

Before selecting your stream follow these steps carefully:

select the best stream after 10th


Yes, it sounds crazy,but the world is changing daily and new technology is coming and everyone forgetting about the past.

So, select the stream which can give you the better foundation to your successful life.

So, most of you think engineering related streams but, there is also so much demand in biotechnology ,you can search in google about them.



Think twice before entering any stream like:

Am I good at Maths?

Am I interested in Biology ?

Can I do miscellaneous problems in Physics?

So like this write your strong points and weak points on a paper and analyse yourself and take guidance from your teachers.



This is the crucial role in taking guidance from your teachers/career counselors/school seniors.

Ask them each and every doubt you have in your mind and feel free to free yourself before entering any field.

Attend some counselling events which are conducted by some private organisations and get to know all the news related to your stream from media/newspapers/Internet.



select the best stream after 10th



Now a days, the education field  has become an opportunity to get a lot of  money from students,so you too might experience these kind of situations.

One of the parents said “My friend has applied to one of the best college for his daughter and he said that this was the last week to apply for registration, So, I have to rush up”.

Don’t freak out sir, your daughter will definitely get a good college.

Colleges make the society’s mindset towards rush and they create hype in the parents’ mind which makes them not getting enough time to discuss about the carrier of  their son/daughter .

Don’t worry, stay calm and  ask your friends, relatives and  research in the internet . You know, this internet is the best friend for all of us !!!

Because this decision reflects your son/daughter’s life and career,  enter the  field only after you are clear from all the queries and doubts about these streams.



Select the stream which will take you to reach your goal in your life.

If you interested in physics , engineering stuff take M.P.C,or If you want to showcase your talent in bio side prefer BIPC and Commerce is also the best option and it is the evergreen option and it is always a course with great future.

So know your area of interest and select the stream related to your passion.



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