The Second Day Of Diwali Is Dog’s Festival-Kukur Tihar

How kukur tihar celebrates

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and most of them celebrates this festival for two days by lightening lamps at night,playing with crackers as a symbol of the triumph of lights over darkness,knowledge over ignorance and the other day they worship Goddess Laxmi.

But the Nepalese Hinduism is unique in celebrating this as they calls Diwali as Tihar and Yamapanchak and this is a five day long festival.Each day has its importance and it shows priority to not just humans and gods but also all animals like Crows,Dogs,Oxen that maintain intimate relationship between humans and animals.

Those Five days are:

  • Kaag Tihar:Cows and ravens are worshipped by offerings of sweets and various kinds of dishes placed on the roofs of their houses.

How kukur tihar celebrates

  • Kukur Tihar
  • Gai Tihar and Laxmi Puja:On the third day of the morning everyone worships Cows and shows theit gratefulness to the cows by garlanding and feeding them with grass and later starts pooja for Goddess Laxmi by lightening oil lamps on doorways and windows to welcome prosperity and Good life to their families.
  • Govardhan Puja:Three kinds of worship will be there in this day as some worships Oxen and some worships Mountains and the others worships their self and this day is the beginning of Nepal Sambat Calendar year.
  • Bhai Tika:This day is also known as Kija Puja as sisters applies Tika(tilaka) to the forehead of their brothers to ensure well being life and thank them for the protection they provide.

Kukur Tihar

How kukur tihar celebrates

The second day of tihar festival is kukur tihar and also known as khicha puja.

Dogs occupy an importance place in Hinduism as mentioned in Mahabharata,Lord shiva  has a dog as its vehicle,The Yama,the god of death keeps its two dogs,Shyam and sadal as the guards and they also guard the gates of Hell.

In Mahabharata,the king of righteousness,Yudhishthira refused to enter heaven without his dog and the dog is revealed to represent the concept of dharma.

How kukur tihar celebrates

On this day people offers garlands,delicious food and tika to dogs and represents the relationship between dogs and humans.

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