How Mummies Preserved In Mercury By Egyptians

how mummies preserved

I think almost everyone watched at least one Movie from Mummy Series and recently Tom Cruise’s The Mummy movie released and its getting so many likes from the audience.

Coming to this main part,in those movies we observed that mummies were injected with mercury to preserve them.

Lets know which chemicals used in those days to preserve dead bodies(cadavers) and what is that process.

Those chemicals are called Embalming fluid and the process is called Embalming which is defined as the use of embalming chemicals which are a variety of sanitising,disinfectant agents and some kind of additives to prevent decomposition of bodies or to view the dead body after a long time and these chemicals are embalming fluid.

Those fluid consists of Formaldehyde,glutaraldehyde,methanol and other solvents like mercury.

These embalming fluid is injected in arterial system of the dead body,with this so many body other body fluids will be replaced by embalming fluid.


Interesting Facts About These Kind Of Chemicals

how mummies preserved

How many of you know that Mercury Tablets are using in India to preserve rice and to keep pests away from them?

But scientists proved that they may cause slow mercury poisoning to one who eats them without any precautions.

During american civil war,Army wanted their dead soldiers take back to burial,Dr.Thomas Holmes developed a method that drains corpese’s blood and emblaming with a fluid made with Arsenic for preservation.

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil is referred to by several ancient sources including Historians like Diodorus and Herodotus, called “cedri succus” by Pliny and was injected into Corpese’s for embalming.

One of the English Egyptologist Alfred Lucas speculated that the cedar oil is used for anointing by egyptians which was derived from the resin of the coniferous juniper tree, and any substance used for embalming was turpentine.

However, modern CT scans have found the presence of botanical resins, confirming that cedar oil was in fact used by the Egyptians.

Palm Wine

Palm wine was used by egyptians mainly to clean bodies and their cavities or the organs which removed after embalming.

Due to its high alcoholic content its consideration is taken in very high but in modern excavations it seems no trace of palm wine in them.

But Modern Egyptologists aware of its use from ancient texts such as Greek historians Herodotus,observed mummifiaction directly in those days.

So many other chemicals like Natron which is a chemical combination of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate which were used to pack in cavities and piled around the dead body for so many days.

Like we have been using salt for preserving pickles,they also used for preserving bodies in this process.

how mummies preserved




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