How Over Motivation Makes You Lazy [Case Study]

motivation makes you lazy

If you showed interest to read this post, I can guess how much percentage of your brain was filled with all inspirational and motivational quotes, how your Instagram and Facebook feed looks like, how many youtube videos having Rock with his six-pack image on thumbnail you’ve clicked so far, how many billionaire vlogs you are following, how many frames with quotes are hanging on your room walls, how many affirmations you could have done to your subconscious mind, what type of text your coffee mug was printed with, how many of your t-shirts, mobile cases and even underwears were customized with the text “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. Let’s jump into the core part of this article. Before jumping into the main section, I would like to mention all the lines and stories that were written in this article are just opinions of mine based on some incidents that I’ve observed in me and some of my friends.

There are two kinds of people I always come across, One who compromises and the other, Crazy People! The funny part is, compromised guys want to become like Crazy guys, Crazy guys never try to join the compromised club! Compromised guys don’t have any patience, dare enough to take an ounce of risk and so they always compromise in their lives. Crazy guys always work to fulfill their desires or to achieve their goals. Based on these two types of people,  Motivation is being split into two types: One to Calm down the people and the other to fire the asses of people!

Compromised guys always show interest to read these type of quotes:

If you have two eyes, two hands, and two legs, You should be grateful, if you don’t then look at crippled, blind people!

Crazy guys always show interest to read these types of quotes:

You have everything working right means You were blessed with more compared to crippled, blind people! Move your asses and start hustling………..Fire!!!

Whatever the quote you may attract to, but there should be a limit to check these types of posts, If not these could happen:

I was doing my things according to my to-do list, one fine day I came across this TEDx talk on how to be productive all day, It was so inspiring then I went on to find such content on youtube. I was not stopping to watch more and more of such content and I started following all influencers and inspiring people. I started reading so many quotes of great people like Steve jobs, bruce lee, bill gates and every successful guy you could imagine. I get a kind of goosebumps while watching those guys shouting in the motivational videos and I say to myself by the end of the video, “Yes Let’s do this” but after a few minutes I go to another video and end up with the tired face. I observed this type of behavior in so many of my friends, most of these guys go to sleep after watching this series of motivational videos, so do I.

I was out of my control from reading and watching motivational content, I wanted to get rid of this habit. I went to a guy who is an expert in psychology, I told him everything I was into. My behavior changed completely after listening to his words! He said a small story:

Once upon a time, there was a king who was very expert in many areas as he read so many Vedas! He was always afraid of enemies and thinking he was not ready to face enemies even though he was an expert in making perfect war strategies! His fear of enemies and doubt on the knowledge he had started increasing more day by day. One fine day, while he was walking in a forest,  a saint saw him and requested him to come to his cave! King went to saint’s cave, saint took an empty cup and a jar full of milk. Saint asked king to pour milk into the cup until he says Stop, King said Ok and started pouring milk into the cup. After a few seconds, the cup was filled completely and started overflowing, King waited for saint’s word but he was not even seeing overflowing milk from the cup, so king decided to stop pouring and asked saint why did he tell to do that reasonless thing. Saint started answering with a loud laugh, Like how you stopped pouring after realizing the cup was filled completely, you have to stop your overthinking and rather than wasting time on consuming unnecessary knowledge, Start implementing! Now Implementing is like drinking this milk, Unless you implement the knowledge you consumed so far, the knowledge will go to waste!

 Now realize your cup has been filled, It’s time to drink, Go and drink along with people

I don’t know whether the king changed his behavior with the saint’s words, I was changed completely. Now I see one or two motivational videos a day and that too when I have to work continuously 4-5 hours just to boost my hormones:) It’s always better to be self-motivated!

To sum up all the content in one line: Over Motivated is like Masturbating, Both makes you feel like you fulfilled your desires but you didn’t! Most funny thing is, After realizing that it gave just a temporary feeling of achievement, Over motivated people start Masturbating, Masturbated people start watching Motivational Videos:)

If any of you felt related to this, I am really waiting for Honest Comments…

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