How I Got First 1000 Rupees From Amazon Associates

Tips I followed In getting my first 1000 rupees through Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How I Got First 1000 Rupees From Amazon Associates

I started this site to earn money and then I started hunting for the ideas on how I can use my site to earn huge money.

In the beginning, everyone might be hearing that one can earn money with Google AdSense and I too waited for approval from Google AdSense and finally got approved.

As a newbie in blogging, I faced very tough times in getting 100 visitors a day and then I used these SEO Free Tools and my site started getting decent traffic.

Even though my site started getting a medium traffic, I am not satisfied with the earnings from my Adsense. Then I found there is the best way that any newbie in the blogging can earn huge money and that is Affiliate Marketing.

Then I started learning how to master in this, so I bought very valuable books which are having the better ranks in Amazon and also with good reviews and ratings.

You can also learn about these from youtube free videos but one of my friends suggested that these books will give a kickstart if I wanted to earn huge money, so I invested in these books:

I want to share some suggestions that I followed from these books and some free videos from youtube.

Niche Selection

The first and most important part in making money is selecting the perfect niche and make sure that the niche you are selecting must be related to your interests and check whether that niche is profitable or not.

Don’t select a niche because it is so profitable and also don’t prefer that only because you are interested in it.

For example, if you sell top brands like Apple, Samsung phones you can get high earnings but there will be a lot of competition for those brands and even though the visitor comes to your site to know about them, there are maximum chances that he won’t directly buy from your affiliate link.

Most people will do a lot of analysis, comparisons before buying high price products so select the niche that most people likely to buy and the price ranges are so affordable for them.

Do Analysis

It will go in vain if you write so many articles, reviews on products without analyzing them.After selecting the product you must have to do some keyword analysis, the volume that traffic getting for that product, competition for that product.

I used some tools before conforming to write an article on that product: SEO Free Tools I used

Then according to the keywords, traffic write articles, reviews, and comparisons, do some SEO before publishing article.

Why I Chose Amazon Associates

I read some books on online passive income and they suggested Amazon associates is the best way to start earning money as a newbie.

Then I registered for Amazon associates account and read all the terms and conditions, it is so easy to use all the tools in getting product links, analyzing daily clicks, earnings.

We will get tacking id’s and the most interesting part I got attracted to this site is we can get money when a visitor clicks and buy through our affiliate links and we can get money even though the visitor buys some other products than our affiliate product and also we can get money from all the products the visitor buys within 24 hours after clicking our link.

I read one more interesting line and that is we can also get money(percentage)from the products the visitor buys for the next 30 days only if he adds them to his cart after going through your affiliate link.

You can also get links for any product just by inserting the name of the product in Amazon associates search box or you can also get links directly from your Amazon account.(Look at the top when you click on any product and you can see generate link on your Amazon account)

Tips I used

Like I said, I got some suggestions from the books that I mentioned earlier and I want to share some tips that I followed:

Use images, search box and the shorten links instead of big widgets and you can also try some carousel style.

Attach Images and insert links to them, Use BUY NOW small images below that image.

Amazon Affiliate Course Amazon Biblezero to hero

Try to avoid inserting links to many words and it is recommended to insert links to your Header 1/Header 2 if it is a product name.

Take a look at advertising fees from Amazon on various categories, like men’s apparel gives you 12% commission, mobile phones give you 4% commission.

Amazon advertising fees

Write articles mainly on Amazon best sellers and top trending products, products having best rank(Amazon gives the rank for every product).

Write articles on sales offers, promos,cashbacks during festival times because your site will get more traffic if you write these kinds of articles(Try to write comparisons also)

Finally, use Social media as much as you can because I got more clicks and sales from social media.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment on them and share this article with your friends if you feel it is valuable and do follow our facebook page.


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