How To Maintain Your Mobile In Class Without Getting Caught-Backbenchers

We can’t live without having mobiles and have been so attracted(trapped) with these kind of devices.We hate the rules which tells us don’t use the mobiles while driving and we don’t care about these rules even if we see someone died because of using mobile while driving until it comes to us.

According to one survey,Indians are using Mobiles averagely 2hour 40mins daily and then here arises a question that how students are using them in classrooms and what are the ways they have been using without getting caught by the teachers.

Based on this category everyone must accept that backbenchers are so smart and intelligent than front benchers and I am the one who used to be on that list(sometimes:-)Here are the best and smart ways that you can use and maintain your mobile in the classroom without getting caught by the teachers.

Rent A Room For Your Mobile

We have been seeing a lot of books are throwing in to the dustbins after the completion of every semester and  some smart middle class students used to sell them for the cheap prices and thinks they could become millionaires with them.

Don’t throw them or sell at cheaper prices,try to find someone who can use it better for their education or use this technique to use the mobile in the classrooms with them.

  • Take out the big book and go to the middle pages,then take your mobile and place it on the middle of the book.
  • Now mark the endings of the mobile with any marker/pen and its time to digging.
  • Then use any scissor or any sharp material to cut the pages like in the picture.
  • Don’t cut it until the last pages but for up to some extent when you are satisfies that your mobile can well fits into that.
  • Then use your mobile by placing in it and enjoy the browsing,chatting and anything but with silent mode.

How To Maintain Your Mobile In Class Without Getting Caught



Sacrifice The Small Mobile

Like a quote said that “when one decided to win the war,one should be dare to sacrifice the small things”,then what are you waiting for?

If you think that your teacher is very strict and he/she can easily smells the mobiles then try this technique.Whenever you want to use the mobile,try to keep another mobile which is very cheap and which couldn’t be handle by your teachers/friends.Then keep that small mobile inside the desk and start using the mobile and whenever teacher strikes you and started demanding “I saw you using your mobile,give it to me otherwise you will be sent to the dean”,then you must be ready to sacrifice your small mobile and take that small mobile to the teacher and tell some fairy tale,act like you are from the slum area and anything you got the talent which can’t be placed on your resume.

How To Maintain Your Mobile In Class Without Getting Caught

If the teacher is so kind-hearted or you are such an actor,things will work out and you can get back your small  mobile too and Lol.

How To Maintain Your Mobile In Class Without Getting Caught

If your teacher directly comes to you and demanding,then deviate her eyes towards the small mobile and let her/he take the small mobile and then again start your acting.

Power Of The Ringtone

We might have observed some situations like one of our friend’s mobile starts ringing while teacher is in the classroom and he/she starts finding that mobile to stop that sound.Suppose if you forget to keep your mobile in the silent mode,then try this technique.

Simple but you have to react immediately,just change your ringtone to the sounds that come near to your classes like a car horn,Ringing bell sound or try to use this technique which could give the better results,keep your ringtone that should sound like this”Sir,I have a doubt” by recording with your own voice and whenever your phone starts ringing with this kind of voice,then teacher will turn around and start looking for who is that person called him/her,then you will be having a time to stop your phone ringing.

Arrange The Safe Place To Your Mobile

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This technique will be useful when your teacher strikes you while you using the mobile.Take the bag and arrange the bag below you as shown in the picture.You should use the mobile exactly at the place where you can leave the mobile and it should be placed inside the bag.Try to arrange some papers inside the bag to avoid the mobile from breaking.

Whenever the teacher comes to you,just leave the mobile and let it fall inside the bag and then play the game safely.

Best Places To Use

How To Maintain Your Mobile In Class Without Getting Caught

Almost everyone of us know what are the best places to use your phone and here goes the best places:In the sleeve,Fake Reading and use the mobile,behind your friends back,behind the chairs.

How To Maintain Your Mobile In Class Without Getting Caught

If all these tricks failed and your phone has been taken by your teacher,then???If you gave your mobile without locking it or if you feel that teacher may run away from the college with your phone then do this to track and remotely lock your mobile:Track and Remotely Lock

Hope these ways will work better and don’t comment me if anyone of these techniques made your phone getting caught by your teacher and the bottom line is the One who acts smart never get caught.


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