How One Can Earn Money With Blogging

How To earn Money with Blogging

So many advertisements and videos are used to show up whenever I opens the browser telling that earning money online is very easy and I thought all those are scam and even if it works,they are very tough things to do.

But its very easy to one to start their own blog and start earning money and these are the main things one should follow to earn money with blogging.

  • Start Your Own Blog
  • Choose a particular topic and write useful Information in your own creative way.
  • Start Promoting your site and find readers,always be in contact with them.
  • Its time to Earn money from your site’s traffic.

Start Your Own Blog

Its very easy to start your own blog and it is available in a free version or paid version for domain and hosting.

If you are a beginner its recommended to start a blog with free version that is from blogger or wordpress or wix and so many providers are there in market.

To start your blog you can check this link:Start A Blog

But to drive more traffic and earnings its better to avoid this and purchase your own domain based upon your interests and hosting.

Choose A Particular Topic

The success of your blog depends on the topic your blog chooses and attracts the visitors to your site if you have a good Content and it is said The Content Is King In Blogging.

How To earn Money with Blogging

You can use so many sources such as Google keyword Planner,Semrush and so many before you choose any topic and analyse what are the most keywords and topics people used to search on the browsers.

You can use the below picture which could helps you in choosing any topic from various categories.

How To earn Money with Blogging

Start Promoting

Its no use if you Own a Diamond showroom without any promotions or customers to your shop same as in this web world competition you have to show up your site’s value and its great articles to public and they will know about your site and starts coming to your site.

To get free SEO tools,try these:Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase The Traffic.

How To earn Money with Blogging

There are a lot of ways to do them and the basic and important thing is doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which is a process of getting traffic from the free,organic or natural searches in search engines.

You can learn seo from a lot of free courses but you can get a grip by doing with your own blog than just learning theory part.You can do promotions from your social sites like from your Facebook pages,groups,twitter and so many networks and this is called SMO(social media optimization).

After getting traffic try to be always in contact with them just by replying their comments or allowing them to follow your fb pages,instagram and so many other networks.

How To Earn Money 

If your blog starts getting a decent traffic,then no one can stops you from getting a decent earnings and these are the top ways that you can earn money with your blog.

Link To An Advertising platform

There are many advertising programs are available for bloggers and one of the most and easiest way to set up for your blog is Google Adsense.

These programs offers various types of ads like text with image,video embedded ads and so many and the main thing is they can analyse your blog and displays relevant ads as per your blog posts.

Those ads can give money according to these types and they are pay per click,pay per impression,pay per action and a lot of actions takes place before you receive money.

To get those ads displayed on your blog first you have to signup their programs like for adsense you have to signup for adsense  and they will take some time to approve your site to show ads and after that you can get codes to display ads on your blog.

Apply For Affiliate Advertising Programs

The best way to earn more money with your blog is through this affiliate advertising which is a kind of approaching the merchants and publish their products through your blog or displaying the best review of their products.

You can apply for this just by going their sites and now a days all companies are showing interest to start their affiliate programs,so you can find easily just by going their site and searching for affiliate for their products.

These are the best examples of popular affiliate advertising programs like Amazon,Ebay and Allposters.For example if you want to show amazon products on your site just go and sign up for their affiliate program and start adding their ad codes on your site and for every click and sale you will receive money from them.

Join In Any Advertising Network

This is a network where online merchants post their affiliate ad and where bloggers can choose their interested ads from those directories and contacts the merchants to get approval.

So many restrictions may applies for one to get approved but one can earn more money based on how long the blog is active and how much traffic is getting to that blog and one of the best example is Commission junction.

Sell Your Own Ad Space For Advertisers

You can sell your own ad space for direct advertisements and this gets to your blog only if it’s getting high traffic and so many sites are offering this kind of opportunities like and so many.

Ask For Donations

If your site having more traffic but you are not getting a decent profits,its not a bad thing to ask your readers money to donate for your site and you can get Donations button from the paypal.

For this you have to sign up in paypal and follow some instructions for adding donation button on your site and after this you will get a code to display that on your site and it appears as a donate button on the site.

Once the visitor clicks on that it will redirect them to official paypal donation page where he/she can donate money and it will be transferred to your paypal account.



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