How To Become The Topper?

Did you ever think that why my exam papers are showing always failure marks or less percentage?


how to become the topper

Did you ever think like me and my friends are studying the same time and studying in the same class,but why he is getting high marks than me?


Did you ever think Toppers are born with self powers,so we didn’t get those powers lets adjust with this marks?


Did you ever think like My capacity is this only so I am not eligible to become topper like my friends.


Have you ever Questioned yourself like:AM I A FAILURE?IS THIS IS MY LIMIT?Can’t I?


Then don’t worry I will try my best to clear all your questions,but before this I would like to tell you  about myself in very few points:


Till before the last 2 years,my parents,friends calls me the topper.But now I am an unknown person in my university and I am getting 70% in my bachelors.


So you may think like what can I say to you as I am only getting less marks,Here is the solution that I got.


I got 98.6% in my intermediate and now I got 72%,yes I changed because I got an answer about what is the real way of studying and what is the best things we have to do to lead the successful life.


Simply to avoid tell myself with the long paragraphs,I will tell what changed me and what I did these 2 years.


I started learning about Money,markets,people in these years,According to me it is the best thing to learn if you want to become the successful person.


I saw so many videos related to entrepreneurs,billionaire life style and how they became like that and the final thing that made me a great impact is RICH DAD POOR DAD book which was written by Robert.T.Kiyosaki.


How To Become The Topper:


  • First choose your Topic that should be your passion,don’t take any other because so many taking or someone told you.


  • Then take down a rough notes and write down all the subject names.


  • I am sure that every one got equal 24 hours per day in their life,so you are not at all weaker than anyone else.


  • Then write short term goals,keep dead lines per day,per week,per month like you have to complete this chapter within this week.


  • Make sure you maintain your time table like MUST.


  • Write down your expecting marks to get in the next exam in a place where you usually looks at that in all your day.


  • Make sure that you have to spend atleast 2 hours in studying and remove all others at that time and focus only on studies even a Tsunami is coming to destroy your concentration.


  • Don’t Compare with any one and don’t even think a second about what others are thinking about you while studying and going to the library.


  • It is your war and you are the only person who have to save your dynasty and no one is coming to help you when your kingdom is in poor except your parents.


  • Don’t be trapped by study spiders who always proud you even you did the small things which makes you over confidence and then fall.


  • Make studying is  like playing a game and love while doing that and you can convert studies into motivation.


  • Pretend your girlfriend will kiss you if you get the first rank in the next exam or your parents will be very happy if you receive the gold medal in your university.


  • Convert all your negative thoughts into positive force like I’ll tell one example that I faced in my life:I am always gets distracted with the gossips about celebrities,beautiful girl pics e.t.c., a lot of stuff I think you may know more than me,then I Converted them into positive forces by telling myself ‘To Marry A Girl who must be like an angel,I must be atleast in the position of Millionaire,So we have to study well’.Then My mind also started listening my words.



  • Feel free to ask your doubts with your friends and I know some of you may have certain feelings in asking with your friends,then use Internet,youtube videos and all is yours.



  • Don’t study always in a routine way,make changes in your way of studying,like study your book by covering it with any magazine,Study in your laptop by keeping earphones but without listening to any music while you are with your friends,use technology while studying for example keep your phone infront of your book and study in your laptop with Ip address live video streaming using this App.



  • Just kidding with the above point but I said these points because if you do these things,you will get some feelings like you are some bit different than your friends and also releases the positive feeling in your brain and studying becomes a happy habit automatically.



  • These are the basic steps and main steps if you want to become the topper in your class and if you like any of these points,Comment them.


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