How Hard It Is Being A B.Tech Student From A Middle Class Family In India

Small Disclaimer:

I am not going to tell about my story and I can’t tell that every B.Tech student’s life is like this story,so don’t get angry at me.

For the better user convenience,B.Tech word will be written as btech,story will be written as I am the student in story but actually this is not my story.

How Hard It Is Being A B.Tech Student From A Middle Class Family In India

Before B.Tech

I was so excited and thinking like I am the hero of this womb and making fun at my competitors who lost in this race reaching to my mother’s egg and also feeling so proud because I am the only one who cracked in this race without any fear of competitors, knowing the pattern, having any syllabus and its just like that happened and defeated nearly 250 million sperms and wonder to know all this race was happened within only 15 centimeters to reach the egg.

Even before I was taken my birth, I am the great winner and learned how to handle the dark times, pressure situations.

Now I landed on the earth and started crying after seeing all these big and very old sperms and I am thinking myself like, are these guys are the one who lost in my race or the competitors in my real life world?

My doctor came to me and whispered me that I was born in a middle-class family and this time I started with a loud cry and then everyone started laughing at me.

I was taken to my rental home, everyone started coming to my home and kissing all my body parts so that my placenta has removed very fast.

Everything is going very well, I stopped holding my parent’s fingers(I mean I learned how to walk).

Going to all my relatives places, irritating my father while in journies asking all my shitty doubts, during these times I realized there exist an XX chromosomes also in this world.

Started my schooling and met a lot of funny and innocent guys and girls.

Beside my apartment,there is another apartment which is very good looking and so many children are playing with beautiful toys and there is a park,swimming pool in it.

I asked my parents to buy those kind of toys to me and they told me that they will buy those toys after getting salary and Of course,it went to so many days and I had to adjust with the china toys.

Like this, i completed my studies up to fifth class and one day, my relative came to the house and started telling my parents that I have to go to IIT standard schools and it’s time to start for IIT preparation.

My parents listened everything carefully and they asked only one thing and that is How much is Fees?

After listening to that fees, my parents started cueing to deviate that relative from this school stuff.

I was admitted to one of the richest middle-class family type schools.

One day one of my teachers gave me the project work and said that we have to use the Internet for completing this work.

All my friends started collecting money to go to the Internet center and the very first time I saw……………….computer games, Microsoft word, excel and so many which will help very much in our life.

I completed my work and started asking my teacher give more project works like this and unknowingly I started showing so much interest in this project works and to complete all my works secretly, I began going to Internet centres individually so that my friends think that I am not doing projects well and this reduces competition and I can become the topper in the class.

True to say I love thiese project works and because of this I came to know a lot about Facebook, Gmail, youtube and so many.

I started knowing how mobile works, how to develop games, android apps but with the lack of guidance, mentors I had to stop these.

Its ninth class which is having only 3 months and a lot of racism being shown for this year because of the tenth class.

I completed my ninth and came to my home,it’s shocking to me because there is no T.V or dish connection in my house and I shouted at my daddy “where is T.V?”.

They said that I am In tenth class so concentrate on exams.

I slowly realized that I am going to miss all Tom and Jerry, playing cricket,going to movies and mainly those project works.

This time I can’t put my father’s signature in my progress reports.

Started comparing with my neighbour toppers, telling about how to get the job and the funny part is that they started telling that I am having one sister(She’s been in my house for the last 9 years).

I don’t know I am in the trap, so just followed what other’s are telling and surprisingly I got the second rank in tenth.

My parents are happy and my school posted my image in the newspaper.(I didn’t realize one thing in this that they are using me for the next admissions).

Being in a middle-class family, I went to the college which is not having co-education but offerings for scholarships.

I completed intermediate within just 2 months and the remaining for IIT, AIEEE and a lot without having any knowledge about my life, how’s my life going?where is it going?

Just followed what my parents, relatives, neighbours told me.

Again I got very good marks and my parents are very happy and this time my college used me with the help of best advertising companies to post my image in the media.

My parents started telling to my sister that I am going to buy her a gold necklace and I am going to get the best job.

I laughed………..and entered B.Tech engineering college.

In B.Tech

After entering btech, I came to know that not only xx,xy but there exists another type also.

I entered my hostel and there goes four other guys as my roommates.

Completed all fake smiles, snacks distribution, door keys and all the stuff.

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One week later, I started studying in the morning and everyone just woke up, starts laughing at me and telling that this is not a school to study but a college where you have to study only before the exam day, know the concept, know about the life, learn how to attract the people, not for the marks.

I simply ignored them and that day night, my parents called me and again started telling me “study hard, get good marks, scholarships, get the job, sister is there, living in a rent house,we are middle class family and a lot like these“.

I said,”Ok mom and dad”.

I went to the city and just saw the beggar, a man driving his bike having his wife, children behind him, a man going in a very good looking car.

I asked everyone, how’s their life going?

Beggar told me that he wants to go for a work but his family couldn’t survive even if he stops begging for one day, so he is doing this begging.

The man with the bike said that he is interested to move for a big company but it needs some time for him and his family can’t run for a month without his monthly salary, so he is staying in the same company and waiting for a promotion.

The man in car said that their family is going to tour for Switzerland this month and he can’t wait for a week to go to tour.

I asked all these three guys, the first two members told me in a very sad mood, this rich guy told me the different answer when I asked them how’s their life going.


Then I asked that rich guy how he is able to do all these in his life and he said that I have MONEY(I can say a lot of examples about this,but this story is not about how to get rich,for that you can buy this book at cheaper price:(Rich Dad And Poor Dad).

Then I got the answer why we are still in the middle class and that moment I decided I want to become the filthy Rich and started exploring all the billionaires life stories,their speeches and started learning Money and the things which are very important to my life.

That car, buildings, brands, lifestyle and everything started me to motivate more and more.These things made me score very bad marks in the semester and learned how to lie to parents.

The second semester also went like this and it’s like the hell inside the mind while talking to parents but some confidence about the future.

It’s very hard to sit in the classrooms while having the most wonderful thoughts running in the brain and excites a lot to do them but this fear of attendance, marks stops to focus completely on the ideas.

I have to balance the marks and ideas and I know what is more important but if I tell this to parents, they start shouting, crying and takes me to some psychiatrists.

So I used to keep all these troubles in my brain itself,becoming very lonely and sometimes bathroom becomes the best friend to share my sad.

Its so hard to sit calm, getting sleep after seeing so many of young students are already starting their companies, startups and running successfully.

In one line to say, it’s like sitting just two steps away from the Sunny leone having parents left to me.

Its third year,I don’t know who the hell is that guy told my parents that everyone can get jobs in third year itself, my parents started asking me about the job and everything.

Then I realized that I am also going in the trap like how that beggar and middle-class family man are going.

I went to the bathroom and screamed out, asking myself whether am I going in the correct path?

There is no any answer like NO from inside and then I told my parents about my ideas, marks and everything.

Next day morning they are standing outside my hostel and waiting for me, I went and there goes the long cries, motivation, comparisons and after all that I again told them that,”Ok dad and mom,I’ll study better”.

I said but how can I study if I am not interested and of course how one can give me the job if I am having only theoretical knowledge without having any interest, passion in that work.

I tried to study better but I can’t and from this time to,I started spending so much of my time in bathrooms only.

Then after seeing a lot of billionaire lifestyles, listening to them I realized that this world only believes,listens to one who showed the result but not who talks the bluff.

Then I took one idea seriously and started working day and night, the fourth year came and I am having only these ideas and don’t have any work to put in the resume.

During the last semester, one of my friends got placed and he is near to my home, he told this to my parents.

Started fearing, my hands started shaking and my parents called me, I am in silent mode and they asked me why didn’t I get the job?

This time I decided to tell the truth but I said that my interview is in the next week.

While I am with my friends, I was like Crying inside, laughing outside, talking to myself, fearing about the family, about the job, a lot of emotions surrounds inside my mind.It’s time to pay the college fees and my parents are taking debts to pay for that.

I am literally going deep into sad, lonely world.Sometimes suicide ideas also came but I hit them back because I have so many ideas to do and this suicide idea’s position is at very last in my idea’s Queue.

After B.Tech

Completed graduation without having a job and went home, there go so many changes in my parents and I don’t know what I did wrong to my neighbours, relatives they also started shouting at me, criticizing me and sending memes for me.

During these days,I thought that my home is somewhat better place to stay than going to my relatives, friends houses.

My daddy stopped talking to me, everyone’s face used to be very angry while watching T.V so that I stopped it and just working on my idea.

Its almost done and I needed some money,I asked my parents and they scolded me.

I got some money from my friends but I needed more money,I don’t know whom should I ask.I tried to ask money from my relatives as a loan, but my father already told them not to give.

Seeing all these situations I decided to go for a job in a call center company.It’s so frustrating and I hate working under someone because it’s nakedly appearing that the owner of that company is using me and giving me some money from his huge profits.

I thought that schools and colleges are some better as they used me but at least published my image in the newspapers, unlike this company.

Tried so hard to leave the job but my daddy raised sister’s marriage, so I have to work for some more months.

Successfully completed sister’s marriage and then raised another thing from my mom, they wanted the car because all my neighbours are having cars, so I have to work again for some more months and bought the car with EMI’s.

Then again one more thing, they told having an own house is better for us, so I have to work for some months and bought the house with a lot of loans.

Then this time even if I wanted to give up the job,I have to clear loans, EMI’s to clear so I am fully depressed about my life.

Then one day my parents and relatives suggested me Marry someone and that life can give me some relief, diverts me from this depression.

Like a quote said,”Hungry Man Never Asks Questions”.I said,”ok I’ll marry”.

I got one match and married her,it’s ok and life is also going pretty happy,but before going to sleep and after waking up in the morning, there goes some discussion in my brain and for initial days I cried myself because of I didn’t reach my goal but slowly I suppressed those discussions and removed from my brain because now I am having my children.

All my life is going like this only and one fine day I and my wife, children are going on my bike and one of my friends met me and asked how’s the life going?

I said that I want to move for a big company but recently my wife gave birth to children, so I am doing my job in the present company only.

Surprisingly he also told that same situation is for him and so many of my friends are in this condition only.

So I am some happy because we are having the same group of friends and my life is going like this only and I completed 60 years of my life.

I just sat on a chair in the old age home and rewinding my life and my eyes started crying after knowing that I didn’t reach my goal but wasted my life just to work under someone.

Then I decided that I have to die as an entrepreneur not as a job seeker.

I went to outside from that ****old age home, left my wife at there itself, and invested some money with my pensions, started a small company which can give the business ideas.

At the very first months, i am getting very few clients and that money is making me survive.

In the third month, some guys told that my ideas are working very well and they gave some money and offered me a job under their company and I laughed at them and told them F*** away.

My Company became so popular and of course, some medals and rewards are receiving and one of the popular magazines published my image on their homepage, but this time I started using my posters to promote my business and I understood where I did mistakes in my life.

I just want to tell all my middle-class family guys, don’t listen to your neighbours, relatives and don’t trap your children in the queue because of so many children are going down that path.

Let them follow their goals, dreams and don’t rush them for jobs.

Make them give job for someone but not to rush or chase for the job or work under someone, its life sir and you are the winner before you were taken the birth and god has chosen you to be the winner.

Be the Job giver not  a Job Seeker.

The End

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