One Simple Solution To Save Huge Money On Domain Name Purchases

Save Money On Domain Purchases

I can feel that you are so much excited to name your baby ( Blog) but do you know that excitement may become one of the reasons for you to lose money if you couldn’t spend a few seconds on money-saving tips before purchasing anything. You are not someone like that because you landed on the right article before purchasing the domain name.

Follow this method to save money on domain purchase:

In my previous post where I discussed briefly how to start a blog and start earning money as a Beginner where I suggested my blog’s viewers use Godaddy to purchase a domain name since I experienced a very good service from them. In this article, I am gonna apply this tip on purchasing a domain name from Godaddy. Let’s begin:

  1. Go to
  2. You see search bar to check your domain name availability, enter the name you want to purchase.
  3. Check the availability and select the extensions for your domain name. (.com or .in or any other extension you prefer)
  4. Now you see the pricing for all extension formats, don’t select any other extensions that you don’t want since you can purchase later if you money while purchasing domain name
  5. Click on Add to cart and Continue to cart button.
  6. Now you see the page asking you to add some extra features for your domain name, set to No Thanks and click on Continue with these Options.
  7. Now you will be taken to check out page where you will be shocked to see the final price you have to pay, Right?
  8. Don’t worry, yes you are right that you saw 3 – 5$ for a domain name when you are in step 4 but they are showing 30 – 40$ in the checkout page.
  9. Note: If you are purchasing in INR currency, I suggest you change it into Dollar. You can do this from the option that is available in the bottom left in the page.
  10. In the Your Items box, you see an option to enter a promo code. Click it and enter CJC99R and apply.
  11. Now you see the code applied and price reduced from 30-40$ to 1-2$. (This price is when you  purchase for 1 year)
  12. That’s it, now complete the payment process and land your baby in the right hands(Best Hosting Service) to make you or your business proud:)

Extra Tips:

If you see the code applied and immediately it is showing that you already used this code, try to purchase in other pc or using VPN.

If you are purchasing a domain name from your existing account, then complete the purchase with credit/debit card that wasn’t used earlier in this account.

Feel free to comment if you face any issues while going through the above steps, I’ll be so much glad to help you.

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