How To Get Dark Theme In Youtube

Youtube Dark Theme:

By this time you guys should have heard about the new and cool outlook  of the Youtube. You might have tried a lot of extensions which asked you to install a lot of things and download different themes.

Well, the Youtube offers its viewers to try out the NEW Featues. Here is a set of instructions to be followed to get it.

To follow the following steps , at first you must log in into your Youtube Account.

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Step 1:-

Open  and in the webpage, scroll down to the bottom where you will find Test New Features. Click on it.

Step 2:-

After clicking on it, you will we redirected to page like the one shown below.Then click on Try new Youtube.


Step 3 :-

Then click on the icon right side to the bell icon.(In the above picture it is purple color).Then you will get the following popup box.In it Click on Dark Theme to turn it ON or OFF .

Along with Dark theme, Youtube looks completely different and cool from the older view. I hope you like this new view. Cheers fellas !!!!!!!!

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