Genuine Tricks To Protect Your Mobile From Theft-Best And Latest(2017)

genuine ways to protect mobile from theft

Most of us will be out of mind when we are in a crowded places about what happening in our surroundings,why someone is rushing,what kind of person is standing behind us and no search engine can analyse whether the person behind you is a thief or a kind-hearted,so one should take precautions or at least create an awareness that you are cleverer than thief by following these techniques.

Android Device Manager

Yes this is the best technique to protect your mobile,find your mobile and remotely control your mobile.

genuine ways to protect mobile from theft genuine ways to protect mobile from theft

  • To use this technique,one must be logged into their google account in one’s mobile and must enable the android device manager just by going to settings–>Security—>Device administrators—>Enable Android Device Manager.
  • Lets have a situation that someone stolen your mobile and you are in so angry mode,then just go to any browser(You can Install Find my phone app on a device)and type Find My Phone and hit enter,go to the site and google will asks you to log into your account.
  • Log into your google account in which you already logged in your mobile and you can see a lot of options to locate your mobile,lock screen,erase.
  • Your mobile data must be switched on,location to be turned on to locate your mobile.
  • Then it is so easy to locate  your mobile just by tapping on locate your mobile,it can tell you exact distance of your mobile from you.
  • If you want to lock down your mobile with any displayed message,then press lock option and it will asks you what message you want to display on your mobile,type and add a phone number also to contact and click on lock,your mobile will be automatically locked up with a display message.

genuine ways to protect mobile from theftgenuine ways to protect mobile from theft

  • To make a sound with your mobile,then just press on play sound and click yes and your mobile will starts ringing for the next five minutes and if you find it then just press the power button to stop ringing.
  • If you think your data in your mobile is more valuable and if you want to erase that data,then just hit on erase and it will asks you the permission to erase the complete data on your mobile,then press on erase and it will erase out all your data.

Pocket Sense

This is the latest app and getting good reviews because it helps well in protecting your phone in crowded places then let’s see how to use it and how it will be useful to us.

  • Go to playstore and install Pocket Sense app and open it,you will see the three options.

genuine ways to protect mobile from theft

  • Pocket sense mode which helps in detecting when your phone is taking away from your pocket,I used this option to run this option one must also enable the third option(Motion sensor mode).
  • Charge sensor mode which alarms when your mobile is unplugged from charging and this will be very useful when we kept mobile charging in any reservation rooms,crowded places or when we are sitting far from our charging portal.
  • Motion sense mode,it detects and alarms when your mobile is being taken from any particular place.
  • Enable first and second option to protect your mobile and you can set alarm delay also.

Don’t Touch My Phone

This is the best app to get attention when someone is taking your mobile away from you then let’s see how to use this app.

  • Go to playstore and install Don’t touch my phone app and open it.
  • Then you can see Activate button,press it and you will see the alarm will activates with in three seconds and put the phone on a table.

genuine ways to protect mobile from theftgenuine ways to protect mobile from theft

  • When you press this activate button and keeps the mobile on any place,it will be calm until someone touches.
  • When someone touches your mobile,it will starts ringing with higher volume so that you will get attention on your mobile and you can click deactivate to stop ringing.
  • You can also gives the password to deactivate it,so that one can stop that ringing only after entering correct password.

genuine ways to protect mobile from theft

These are the best and latest genuine apps that I have been using and to know more about these kind of technology tricks and money tricks,don’t forget to subscribe to this site and following our social media site and sharing to your friends.

If you feel any kind of wrong while doing this,please feel free to ask in the comment box.



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