Facebook Celebrating Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone 20th Anniversary

Its time to take out your wands and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone.

Its been wonder to believe that 20 years completed since Harry potter meet his friends and face the voldemort for the very first time.

But its true as J.K Rowling’s Harry potter and the Philosopher’s stone was first published on june 26,1997  and since then it has sold more than 450 million copies worldwide in almost 79 languages.

We have already seen a Guinness record created by more than 700 children by gathering in one place dressed like Harry Potter.

harry potter 20th anniversary

Today Facebook is celebrating by showing wand and some kind of magic when one enters the Harry potter’s character names and House names and tapping on it.

I am so surprised to see all those effects and the color of the names will also be changes after entering those names.

harry potter 20th anniversaryharry potter 20th anniversary

I’ve been trying all these effects with different names,but I observed that these are giving effects only to the names of Houses and Harry Potter name.

Try these in your Facebook and have fun,Happy Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone 20th Anniversary to all

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