Education System is Killing Creativity- Here’s How

Here’s why I say the Education system is bullshit and how it is killing creativity in you.

Today open elective classes were started and I was so excited to see students from different branches but this excitement didn’t last long, Why?

First oe class, Basics of Sanskrit, I went and spent one hour in the class just to pronounce Hindi Vowels and Consonants with lecturer (loudly)

I was thinking why would I need to learn these and how am I gonna use them for my goal.

I know some answers may come as Sanskrit is our ancient language but what about my other oe related to Ultrasonic sounds?

Man,we were all read these basics, memorized historical dates, by hearted english essays,held so many formulas tightly in brain but what is happening right now is nowhere related to what we read for years.

The correct answer is this education system is Bullshit, I can convince you that I am right🎂

Let me tell you a story….

education system bullshit

There is a town where everyone has to enter a room to lead a happy life. There are so many rooms to select, one room at a time.

All these rooms are located at a very far distant from this town.

One interesting thing is everyone has been given keys to all rooms and each key weighs 20kg.

One system started in the town and it started telling every parent that it knows how to go to that rooms and it would help their children if they follow whatever it says.

Funny thing is every guy in the town also knows the location of those rooms but they just have to use their brains and have some courage to get started!

There are two types of people in the town.

One type is where they agreed to follow whatever the system says.

These people started telling their children that they can get to the room if and only if they follow the system.

System saw this as an opportunity to cash their bags so it does’t want all these people reach rooms very fast.

Instead of letting children to realize which room they are interested,system started giving keys of every room telling that one would select the room that he/she is interested after 2 years if one has all these keys.

After 2 years, children walked a few miles holding all keys each weighs 20kg.

System started telling one has to walk for 4 more years but this time it has reduced the number of keys to take to 60%.

Now children who were angry at system when it said 4 more years started feeling happy seeing the weight of keys has been reduced and started walking with much more hope.

Four years later,everyone stopped at one place. System showed the rooms🎉

Everyone was so happy to see the rooms finally 😊

Now system told children they can use their keys to open any room that they wish.

Now children and parents are so much confused to find which room to enter so they asked the system for help.

System knew this already that these people will definitely ask for help.

Then children started giving their keys to system, it opened some rooms and told children to select any one of those rooms.

Now confusion has been replaced with the rush, instead of selecting the room based on their interests, they started rushing as everyone started running towards them.

Now children went In and parents are very happy🎎

Now every guy is left with one key which is for the room they entered and remaining are in the outside.

Here One more system started commanding…

As the previous system planted seeds of depending mentality into children’s subconscious mind, they again started depending on the new system and this cycle goes On….

Here there is no meaning of entering the room which everyone believed one would lead a happy life after entering but reality is a very few people are leading that life and many of them are trying to make their parents feel that their belief was right just to make them feel happy instead of telling the struggles they are doing.

Second Type of People

Here Parents ask their children about their interests and goals, children may not know in their earlier stage.

They keep asking, Sooner or later, children start throwing the unwanted keys and one fine day they will be left with One Key!

They start realizing their interests and why they were born, that day is the day where Dropouts may happen, running away from home may happen, quitting the jobs may happen and something wonder will take birth🔥🔥🔥

Then they will rush to the room they want to enter and start creating many such rooms when children from the first type are struggling to find their rooms.

In the end, the second type of people become millionaires and Billionaires.

The main key reason is they became aware of the Key that they want to take and so they don’t have to walk slowly holding dozens of keys each weighs 20kg, Instead, they can run because of less weight.


The key is actually weightless but this weight has been created by the society and the education system.

People who follow what their heart says and do what they love to do never feel any weight holding the key and while creating such rooms.

Bottom Line:

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. ~ Steve Jobs

Do what you love, then only you think of it and work on it even everyone is partying out there⛱️

Your Time is Limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life🔥

What do you think? Still, do you think a person who knows he is a gay has to study how to attract girls?

Let me know what you think about this in the comment box.

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