How To Earn Money Just By Writing Small Reviews

I know most of you lost faith in these kinds of posts but trust me, this post is not that something disappointed you.

how to earn money with mouthshut


You can earn real money just by writing small reviews on any category you are interested in.You can earn unlimited money with this website.Just follow the following steps and make sure you read up to the end of this article.

Step1: Sign Up On This Page

Go to and sign in¬†through your Facebook, don’t worry about this sign in process as mouthshut won’t post their promotions in your timeline.

Sign up from here:

You can also sign up using Email.

step2: How To Earn Money

This website also has an android app, so you can download it from the play store.Here is the process this website follows to give you money.

how to earn money with mouthshut

On the dashboard, you can see MS points, which is One MS point equals to one rupee and you can also see various categories to start writing reviews on them.

For example, select any category like electronics or search for the product you wish to write a review.Then select the product you want to write a review.

Then you can see so many others who have already written reviews on that product and select write a review option which is present just below that product.

Add the title and write review and make sure you write the review must be exceeded the minimum letters(250 letters), then give the rating out of 5 stars and it asks you give rating on some other extra option like sound quality, value for money e.t.c,

After completing all these options hit on like or dislike.Here you can earn money based on your review, suppose if your review is bad against that product, then you can earn 40 MS points, if your review is good and supportive to that product then you get 20 MS points.

how to earn money with mouthshut

After writing the review just share it through mail/fb/twitter/whatsapp and then you’ll get mail telling your review has been completed successfully and it takes 24 hours to know whether your review has approved or disapproved.

After some time you’ll get the notification on your review status, if your review is approved then you will get MS points based on that review(20 points for good review and 40 points for a bad review).

Step3: How To Withdraw Money

You can convert the MS points into cash after entering your bank details and you can transfer money to your bank after your earnings reach 500 points.

I enquired so many people and saw so many testimonials, it’s not a fake website so don’t worry about this website, go ahead and start earning money just with your mobile.

You can also get a kind of badges based on your performance and number of reviews you’ve written like beginner badge, popular, category expert, celebrity writer, star writer.

how to earn money with mouthshut

One more interesting option they’ve provided is, you can get 50 MS points by referring to your friends once your friend registers through your link and completes at least one review and got approved.

If you have any queries, please feel free to comment in the comment box and I’ll definitely help you:)


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