Best Apps To Earn Money Online In 2019

Most of you might come across all these kind of apps which you can earn money just by downloading so many apps from play store or referring to your friends.They can give you money but it seems not the best thing to earn that lower amounts as you are spending your most valuable time in them.But everyone wants money, so still, there are so many such kinds of apps are entering play store and getting downloads.

This article is to one who is frustrated with those kinds of apps and thinks they are the scam because this shows you the two best apps and you can really get 400 rupees if you can’t get comment immediately.

PHONEPE(First 200 Rupees)

PhonePe is the app which provides an online payment based on UPI, which is a new process in electronic funds transfer launched by National payments corporation of India.

It’s recommended to download from play store because it will be useful in your daily life for better transferring your funds, so download phonepe from play store.

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Download the app:

Download the app from here: Phone Pe


How to register for phonepeHow to register for phonepe

  • Then you can see login and register button, press on the register and it will be redirected to the selection of your sim page where you have to select your sim.
  • If your bank registered with the mobile number which is inserted in the second sim slot, select click here button where you can see below Dual sim phones as shown in the above picture.
  • Then an SMS will be sent from that mobile number to register your number with phonepe and after that, you will see a signup page to enter all your details.

How to register for phonepehow to register with phonepehow to register with phonepe

  • Then you can select your vpa and mpin for this account based on your interests and this is gonna helpful in transferring funds through phone.
  • Then almost you are done with signup and select your bank if it’s not automatically displays based on a mobile number and then continue to enter the main page.
  • Now its time to get 200 rupees and before that go to bank accounts and see whether your bank is activated or not and to know the balance of your bank just press on request balance and enter UPI pin.

How to register for phonepeHow to register for phonepe

  • On the dashboard, you can see slides on the top in which you can see get 50 rupees for every friend join with your referral id and get cashback up to 150 rupees on your first transaction.
  • To get first 50 rupees go to invite friends and invite friends using Whatsapp,fb and anything you wish and you will receive 50 rupees once they install and registers.
  • There are so many offers based on your referrals as you can win 15000 rupees daily if you referrals are high and this enables your friend to get 150 rupees cashback on their first transaction.
  • For next 150 rupees press on send icon on the dashboard and select your friend’s mobile number which already registered with phonepe/any bank account.
  • Then enter the amount you want to send and then submit to enter UPI pin and after this, you successfully sent the amount to your friends’ bank account directly and this amount won’t enter into their phonepe account.

How to register for phonepeHow to register for phonepe

  • I suggest you send 300 rupees to your friend because you will receive cashback only upto 150 rupees and 50% cashback so if you send 300 rupees you will get 150 rupees.
  • You can see that 150 rupees in your wallet and you can directly transfer it to your bank just by dragging your wallet to bank icon.

how to earn money with phonepehow to earn money with phonepe

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TEZ(Google  App)

Google India launched UPI based digital payment app and it kick started with many downloads and more than 5 million downloads done.

Tez offers users earn money based on referrals, transactions and lucky draws.With these techniques,you can earn money up to 9000 rupees just by referring to your friends,1000 scratch cards worth up to 1000 for each person and the crazy offer blows your mind is you can get one Lakh rupees if you are lucky.

Let’s know how you can earn this money with Tez.

  • First,Inst all tez app from play store.No….Waaaait…I did this mistake, don’t download it directly by going to play store, please make sure you download this app from the referral link : Download App From Here then only you are eligible to get 51 rupees when you made your first transaction.Otherwise, you won’t get the first transaction reward.

Download App From Here: TEZ

  • Then open the app, enter your mobile number.Waaait…Make sure enter the mobile number which is linked to your bank.


  • Then you can see the main dashboard, where you have to tap on Add Bank Account below your name, select your bank name.


  • Then tez starts connecting to your bank, now it shows details of your bank linked with the mobile number.


  • If you already using mobile banking, then you have to enter that MPin for UPI transactions.

  • Otherwise, tap on I don’t know UPI Pin, then you have to enter last 6 digit numbers and expiry date of your ATM Card and done.


  • Then otp will be sent to your mobile, enter it and set UPI Pin and confirm it, yeah you are done with adding your bank account.


  • Now its very simple to get 51 rupees, just click on New on the dashboard, then you will see the list of contacts who already installed tez.Select one of your friends or you can send directly by entering mobile number, for this tap on UPI ID, QR,Phone option and select tez user phone number, then enter the number.

  • Now you will see two options, pay/Request.Select pay and enter the amount and enter UPI Pin and you will see a message that money has been sent.

  • Now you get 51 rupees into your account and this is only one time offer, but if you want to get money like this, just you have to refer your friends to your referral link.


  • Once your referred friend installed tez app from your link and made the first transaction, you’ll each gets 51 rupees into account.


  • Next offer is you can get money with scratch cards, you will get scratch cards everytime you send/receive money.Make sure money you send or receive will be 50 or more than 50, less than 50 you won’t get scratch card.


  • You can get  5 cards per week and 1000 cards lifetime and the maximum you can earn 1000 rupees.


  • After everytime you send or receive money, check in the rewards to know how much money you got and this applies only once per person.


  • Now its time to bang, you can get 1 Lakh rupees if you are lucky, for this, you have to make transactions 500 or more.


  • This event starts at 9am every Friday and your scratch card activates at 10am, so that you can check your scratch card whether you got 1 lakh rupees or not,you get only one time this 1 Lakh rupees.


  • If You face any problem in getting money, feel free to comment and I’ll definitely help you.

SKREEM(For Next 200 Rupees)

This is the new startup from India which makes public to display the advertisements of Companies through their socially Connected sites like Fb,Twitter and earn money based on how many engagements their campaigns getting.

  • Download the skreem apk from your playstore and Install it.
  • Open apk and you can see Enter your mobile number and Login button,Ignore them and select the (Have a referral code)Sign Up as shown in the image.

how to earn money with skreemhow to earn money with skreem

  • Then you can see a text box to enter referral code and you can enter this referral code:BAKASURA and then press done.
  • Then you can see signup page to enter all your details,fill up them and then appears a page to select all your social connected sites,select them.
  • Then select your interests like sports/shopping/entertainment and more you can see in them and press continue.
  • You will see your dashboard where all your campaigns,settings,profile and so many based on your interests.

    What You Have To Do

  • The concept of this app is allowing public to share companies ads and get engagements with public and earn money with them,so you have to select a campaign to share.

how to earn money with skreemhow to earn money with skreem

  • On the dashboard you can see campaigns available,select them and read all the instructions before to publish through your connected sites.
  • Try to write your content praising their company and add your experience in them and use their twitter links and attractive images.
  • Then select from where you want to publish and done,your campaign will be under review to get approval.
  • Within a few minutes your post will be approved and you can see them by going to your campaigns where you can see rejected,pending,approved campaigns.

how to earn money with skreemhow to earn money with skreem

  • After getting approved you will receive 200 rupees and you can transfer them to your Paytm after verification of your Paytm account.

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