How to earn money from Meesho App – Best Reselling App

I want to tell you one thing before I tell you how you too can earn a minimum 1000 rupees daily just with your smartphone!

how to earn money with meesho

  • I can guess how many times you entered the keyword “How to earn money online, Easy way to earn money online, best apps to earn money online, how to earn 1000 rupees every day” In Google Search!
  • I can guess how many times you dropped your email on whatever posts you see something related to online earning money, without aware of who that person asking was! (Later they take your emails and do spam)

I guess all my guesses are almost right, Right? But listen to me, now I am gonna tell you the perfect idea which I am sure you will love it:)

Disclaimer: If you are in the full-time job, I mean where you have to work 24 hours to get your paycheck, Please stop reading this article. You can do this only if you can spend at least 2-4 hours daily.

Let’s jump into the Idea…

How to earn money with meesho

No matter what age you are in. No matter if you know English or not. All you need is have some knowledge of how to use Facebook, Internet, and smartphone!!!

I’ll guide you to start earning money online with this idea. Like I said in the title, you will start earning minimum 1k daily if you follow what exactly I say.

While reading this article, You may feel like it’s like every other idea which takes many days to start earning money online, but ignore that kind of mindset this time. Just follow the following steps…

Step one: Install It

I have come across so many apps and ideas which could get me money online if  I work hard. I tried most of them you couldn’t imagine, One thing I understood from all those ideas and apps is “All those ideas are real and most of them are not fake but you can’t earn money without having people”. What if I say, I give you 1 Lakh Rupees if you can refer my app to 1000 people? Yes this idea is real and you can really earn 1 Lakh rupees, but you don’t know how to get 1000 rupees, so you give up telling online money is a scam!!!

Now I am gonna tell you the app which you don’t need to refer 1000 people or even one guy. I’ll tell you what to do and how to do…

This is the best opportunity for Indians who are looking for a part-time job/do something extra to have extra bucks into pockets.

The app name is Meesho, India’s No 1 Reselling App. I think most of you might have understood what this app for. If you don’t, this is the app which allows you to resell the items at your own margins.

Install the app through my referral link and enter referral code BHAVANI858 , so you get 150/- cashback on your first order: Install Now
money with meesho

money with meesho


In simple words, You don’t need items/products, You don’t need any inventory/warehouse to store the products, yet you have the access to sell them to people. For every sale, you put Rs 100/- profits margin and woooo, if you can sell just 10 items per day, you get 30k by the end of the month! Don’t think it is very hard, If you can get your first customer, then it will be very easy to get next 4-10 or more customers per day, I’ll help you to get your first Sale!

First Things First, Install the app through my referral link and enter referral code in My Account section  BHAVANI858 , so you get 150/- cashback on your first order: Install Nowmoney with meesho

Update: You can see enter referral code in My account tab which you can see after completing the signup process

you crossed this line, I assume you installed the app and you have the app opened up on your mobile, Right?

how to earn money with meeshohow to earn money with meesho

Now you see the signup button on the bottom side, Tap on it! Now Enter your mobile number and verify, it automatically detects the OTP (if not enter otp manually which you can see in your messages app)

Once it verified your mobile number, It shows a video explaining how to earn with meesho, skip for now!!!

Now it pops up a message showing my referral code applied successfully!

Now you really crossed the main line and you are on the place to start earning money right from your smartphone:)

STEP TWO: Learn How to earn money from Meesho

You can see various tabs on the bottom side of the app, go to the help tab! Now you can see videos explaining how to earn with meesho, go through all the videos.

To understand how this works and how I can earn money with this app, I placed an order (saree) for mom. The price of the saree on the app was 599 rupees, I ordered via Cash On Delivery option with margin 100 rupees so I have to pay 699/- once I received the saree. I got the saree after 5 days, I gave 699/- to the delivery boy. I saw a notification on meesho app saying that 100/- of my profit margin will be transferred to my bank within 5-7 days! I got 100/- into my bank after 7  days, then all my doubts on this app have completely vanished and I started earning very decent money! Surprisingly I got featured as one of the best resellers of Meesho on their FB page:)

I told this to my aunt, she just studied upto intermediate, since all videos are in english/Hindi I explained to her how to do the entire process to start earning money with meesho in our language. She understood everything in one day, now she is earning decent money without any of my help.

Go through all videos, you will understand how to earn with meesho as meesho guys really explained in a very simple manner.


Step Three: Choose The Best

You see all Different collections like sarees, kurtis, kitchen utilities, bedsheets and more. Don’t be messed up with all of them, start with a few collections. Choose only sarees and kurtis or Bedsheets only or Kitchen category as you are a beginner.

This could help you get your first sale, later start trying with other collections too.

Now select the audience based on the products you chose, Share those products to only them. You won’t be sending sarees images to men,  right?

Step Four: Set Everything Perfect

Now you are sharing product images with people, what if you get an order, then how to receive your margins? For that, you need to add bank account details.

Go to My Account tab, You can see My Bank Details, tap on it and enter your bank details. As a beginner, it is ok if you don’t have any passbook photo/cheque photo. Just enter the remaining fields and meesho updates your bank details.

Now have a separate WhatsApp group only for yourself, so you can share images and descriptions into that group and it would become easy to share them instantly to others instead of going every time to meesho for product descriptions!

Now you have some product images and their descriptions, but what if those products were not available in the stock? So before you post or forward images, check their availability in meesho. For that go to My account tab, then tap on My Shared Catalogs, you can see all the products you shared so far.

Yep, now it’s time for you to start selling and scaling!!!

I’ve told you what the idea is, How to earn with this. If you have installed the app through my referral link and Still having doubts, then Comment/ send a message at messenger, I’ll personally help you!!!

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