How To Download Entire Playlist From Youtube

Downloading playlists from Youtube:

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Step 1:-

To download an entire playlist, first you must get the link for the playlist.Here are the steps to be followed to get  the link.For example , I want to download albums of vidya vox , there is playlist and the link to it is in the circled region.Click on Circled Region.



Then you will redirected to page which shows all the videos in the playlist.The circled region in the following image shows the URL for the playist. Copy the URL.



Step 2 :-

Get the latest version of youtube-dl by clicking the link here   (Click on Windows Executable) and download it.


Step 3:-

Create a new folder and copy the downloaded file inside the folder.


Step 4:-

SHIFT + Right Click ‘ on the folder and you will get the following popup menu.Then click on Open Power_shell window here( If you haven’t updated to Windows creator’s update it will look slightly different. In older versions it will be Open command prompt here ).


After clicking on it you will get a window like in the following image.Use commands shown below and then click enter.

.\youtube-dl URL –playlist-start 1


.\youtube-dl –playlist-start 1

–>>The START command indicates where to start in the playlist. You can choose where to start.

(For older versions  use youtube-dl –playlist-start 1)

Your videos from the playlist will start downloading in their highest possible resolution.Cheers again !!!!


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