Why Your Dogs Bark At Night And Chase Fast Moving Vehicles

Why dogs bark at night at chase vehicles

Whenever we walks outside at night times,we hear most of the dogs barking with high sounds and those street dogs used to chase fast moving vehicles.

I asked most of my friends,some gave the answers like devils are wandering at that times so they barks like wolves and some told that those are related to wolves family,so they barks like them.

Why They Barks at Night

The reason why they barks at night times depends on the type of dog and how is its environment going.They barks more at night times when they are in the outside and this can tells that barking mainly depends on the behavior changing in the outside.

Noise Sensitive

Dogs have good hearing capacity than humans and so they can notice even small noises which humans can’t.

If they heard any strange noises or strangers moving around your house they barks at them because of their noise sensitive.

But researches told that Cat’s have more better hearing capacity than Dogs and cats can also recognises their Owners voices but never evolved to care.

Other Animals

They are interested in other wild animals like squirrel,deer or a raccoon and if they notice them moving in their surroundings they barks at them in which even humans failed to notice such kind of animals in their surroundings and that is also the best reason why hunters used to take dogs along with them.

Group Barking

Why dogs bark at night at chase vehicles


We hear sometimes all the dogs in our street start barking like they are coming to make any rally or strike and that times one may thinks that dogs also have a better unity in them.

But most of them are not and they show unity only under their territory.They starts barking when one dog hears other dogs barking and follows one by one as they are more reactive so if one dog starts barking remaining dogs assume there must be a good reason so they starts barking.

Bachelor Dogs

Why dogs bark at night at chase vehicles

Most of the dogs bark if they felt loneliness or any kind of boredom and they starts their barking session just to have fun as they are social animals and their’s Howling is an indication of their loneliness.

Why Dogs Chase Fast Moving Vehicles

Why dogs bark at night at chase vehicles



Its not a better thing to come to an assumption that dogs have better Unity in them because most of their’s love have endings,boundaries or limited upto their territories and that is the main reason why they chase vehicles.

Most Of the dogs urinates on the car tyres or near vehicles to mark its territory and they urinate on them even if any other dog already urinated on them just to mark its ownership on that spot in their territories.

Whenever a car rushes in their territories they get confused and thinks that other dog entered and starts barking and chasing them.

Some people says that they are so sensitive and social animals,they used to sleep under vehicles and sometimes their puppies could be killed because of the people’s misdrive in the streets,so dogs chases cars if they seems same as one killed their puppies.

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