How to Create an Adsense Account and Set up everything Correctly

Create an adsense account in 2019

We are all excited to show ads on our blog and one of the best ways to earn money by displaying ads is with Google Adsense.

In this post, I’ll walk you through all the steps to create an adsense account and set up everything in order to get approved as fast as possible.

I don’t wanna bore you with all the small steps that even a small kid can do on his own, I’ll just tell you the main steps to create an adsense account.

Steps to Create Adsense Account

Go to Google Adsense Page and click on Sign Up  Now.

create an adsense account

Now you see the page to enter your site URL, email address. Enter them, now check Yes to receive the mails from Adsense and click on Save and Continue.

You see the page to confirm your Google account, select the country, read the adsense policies and check Yes that you’ve all policies. Now hit on Create Account.

set up an adsense acount

Now you’ll be directed to adsense dashboard to enter your payment address details, fill all the fields and Save everything.

Now its time to connect your adsense account with your site, you see the code to be copied right? Copy the code and check all the checkboxes it shows.

create an adsense account 2019

Now go to your WordPress dashboard and paste the code in between head tags.

Once you pasted the code, Google verifies that you pasted code correctly and it shows it would take less than one day or sometimes can take longer for activating the account.

create an adsense account

Once it activated, ads will start showing on your site, until then you may see just empty blocks on your site.

That’s it for creating an adsense account for your new blog.

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If you have any doubts, let us know in the comment section. I would so much happy to help you out.

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