Crazy Youtube Tricks You Don’t Know-Latest And Genuine

Youtube is the world’s no.1 platform to share videos and to earn money with them.It is easy to start your own youtube channel and if you didn’t start your own channel,Start Creating your own youtube channel.

The youtube has so many surprises for the users and most of us probably don’t know about them and here goes all of them.

Floating Youtube

Enter “use the force luke” in the search bar and see the magic happens on your dashboard.Youtube starts Dancing and all the options,icons and everything starts floating on your screen.Did you get that?

crazy and latest tricks of youtube

Colourful Youtube

Recently Facebook surprised all the users by showing color texts and giving animation effects after entering harry potter character and house names on the facebook on the occasion of The Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone’s 20th anniversary.To know about this,check here.

crazy and latest tricks of youtube

Youtube also providing this kind of showing different colors on the text and to get this,just type “doge meme” and experience the colorful Youtube.

Gif Youtube Videos

We have been so attracting to gifs than opening videos to watch on social media sites and so that you can create a gif to your video on youtube just by entering gif after www.(before on the url)

crazy and latest tricks of youtube

Then you can see you will be redirected to site where you can customize(time,blur and so many) your gif.

Set Time To Start

You can start your video at a particular time and it starts to continue from that particular time.For this you have to add #t=time at the end of the url.

crazy and latest tricks of youtube

For example,if you want to start the video after two minutes ten seconds then just add this “#t=2m10s” at the end of the url.

Share The Video At A Particular Time

You can share your video by setting the particular time to start and you can do this by two methods.

  1. Just right click on the video and you can see the options,in that select the Copy Video URL at a current time and the link will be copied and its time to share that link to your friends.They will be able to watch the video which starts from a particular time you wanted.

crazy and latest tricks of youtube

  1. Otherwise you can set the time by clicking on the share,you will see the box to enter the time to start the video.Enter the time when you wanted to  start the video and share to your friends.

Download Video In All Formats

Many of you might already know that one can download videos just entering ss after the www. in the Url box.

Here is the another method that you can download videos in any format you wanted.Just enter 10 after the www. in the url box and you can see the list of formats available to download the video.Then click any of them and start downloading them.

how to download youtube videos

So many websites are available to download your video in any format you wanted like Clip Converter is the best site to do this.All you have to do is just copy the video url and paste it in here and select the format and start downloading.

Experience The New Way Of Watching

Youtube officially launched the leanback which allows the users to control the youtube with keyboard keys and the new way to experience the watching videos.To get this on your youtube,just enter “/leanback” at the end of the url and start watching the videos.

crazy and latest tricks of youtube

Keyboard Shortcuts

k:To play or pause.

j:Rewind 10 seconds.

l:Fast forward 10 seconds.


0(zero):go to the beginning of the video.

Number 0 to 9:To go to the 10% to 90% of the video.

crazy and latest tricks of youtube

+:To increase the size of the captions.

-:To decrease the size of the captions.

Control The Speed

You can control the video speed just by clicking on the settings on the video and selecting the speed and then choose the speed(0.25,0.5…).Then video will runs slowly as per your selection.

crazy and latest tricks of youtube


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