How To Control Your Phone With Your PC/Laptop Using Bluetooth(Play Games also)

Control your phone with computer mouse and keyboard

control your phone with laptops bluetooth
Hey are you interested in playing games with joysticks.Then if there is any possible to control your phone with your computer?what do you do?
I will tell you how to control your mobile using your computer mouse and keyboard.

STEP 1:First you have to turn on bluetooth in your mobile and make sure that your bluetooth is visible to other devices.

Step 2:Next turn on your desktop or laptop’s bluetooth and make pairing with your phone.

STEP 3:Now make sure that both of your devices are in paired and go to connected devices.

STEP 4:Now go to devices and printers and see where your device?

STEP 5:Then just double click on that phone icon and the display occur as shown in the picture.

STEP 6:Now look for the connect button and there goes by clicking on that button.

STEP 7:Then it displays connection made successful and click on the button which shows control your phone with mouse and keyboard,then scroll your mouse and see the magic that cursor is moving in your mobile.

You can also use keyboard buttons to exit and moving and for so many.

If you got any error in doing these,then please feel free to ask in the comment box.


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