Complete Guide to Get Adsense Approval and Pin Verification

Complete Guide For Adsense account Approvals

I can feel it how much hungry you are to show ads on your site. Hey, just have some patience and read this article to get clarity on How to get Adsense approval for a new blog, Adsense pin verification, and some fast Adsense approval tricks.

Let me take back you to 2017, I was sitting in front of a computer in an Internet cafe counting how many dollars should I get to reach 10$ from 0.7$. A few months later, I was surprised to see 10$ giggling in my adsense account and a mail showing that a PIN will be sent to my address which I had to enter for address verification.

I was waiting for it like a wife who is waiting for her husband who comes once in a year.

I received the pin after 2 weeks from when I saw the mail I mentioned above, I had torn the post to see my magic 6 digit PIN. Then after I got kickstarted with blogging and I jussss luv it.

how to get adsense approval in a days

P.S: This pic was taken by my sister!

I assume you have already created an adsense account, if not check this step by step guide to create an adsense account and set up everything correctly

Once you created an account and placing the code in your site’s head tag, it shows it would take less than one day or sometimes longer.

You will receive mail if your account gets approved. Here is where everyone stuck at because of this activation process may take one day or even some months.

Let’s check out how you can get your account approved in a week or less!

How to get fast Adsense Approval

  • Use a Custom Domain name instead of subdomains. [prefer: rather than]
  • I strongly suggest you host your blogs instead of using free services like blogspot or
  • You gotta write at least 15 – 20 well-written articles on your blog.
  • Add relevant pages like About Us, Contact Us.
  • Make sure you use a clean design for the blog.
  • Make sidebars in a way that are completely ready to be occupied with adsense ads.
  • Try to get at least 50 – 100 visitors a day to your site.
  • Don’t place any other ads before applying for adsense. [Don’t be rushy!!!]
  • Don’t buy traffic.
  • Don’t place any copyright images or illegal content.
  • You make sure your blog follows adsense policies

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If you follow these, no guy in the google can tell a reason why your blog should wait for approval!

Now let me assume your account has been approved, next Whaaat?

It’s time to show ads to the massive crowd and earn money, but how?

Once your account got approved, you will see the adsense dashboard with all options unlocked for you.

Go to your account, click on Payments Option and add your Payment method. You can also set the threshold amount so that amount will transfer to your bank only after earnings reached the threshold amount, for this go to Payments>>Manage Settings>Edit Payment Schedule.

how to get adsense approval in a days

Now get the code for the ads to show on your site, for this Go to Ads>Ad units>+New ad unit then you see three types of ads. For the best results, select text and display ads and name your ad for reference.

how to get adsense approval in a days

You can select the size of the ads to display, I suggest you go with recommended that is responsive and get the code.

Copy the code and paste it into your site, once you place the code you see the status of the ad in the Ad units page.

You can place these codes in any specific pages or at any particular locations using plugins like WP Quads plugin.

Once the ads go live, it’s your time to bring the audience so that your earnings will increase.

Once you earn 10$, you will receive a mail that Google will send a pin through a courier to the address you entered in your account.

This threshold limit vary based on countries, you can check out this table:


Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks to get the pin to your address based on your location, people in many countries complained that they aren’t receiving the pin. What if you stuck in this situation?

No problem if you haven’t received within 4 weeks, you can request for a new pin and you will have 4 months time to enter the pin from when you received the first mail about the pin.

AdSense new PIN request from AdSense

You can attempt maximum 3times for resending the pin. If it failed all these 3 times, then you have an option to verify your address by uploading any Govt approved ID or bank statements or even any bill where it is mandatory that the proof should show your address that you mentioned in your adsense account.

For Indians, you can use Aadhar card or Passport for the verification process.

Let me assume you have received the pin. Now you go to Adsense dashboard where you see take action to enter Pin. Hit it and enter 6 digit code and done, your address verification just completed.

Now You have to think about how to get that 100$ into your bank account since the minimum amount you need is 100$ for getting transferred.

If you have any doubts, let me know in the comments section, I would be so much happy to help you out.

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