Celebrate Diwali 2017 Like Men,Try These Tricks Instead Of Crackers To Avoid Pollution

Its Diwali time and its time to enjoy with our relatives, children, neighbors by lightening lamps, worshipping Goddess Laxmi, preparing delicious food.

Enjoyment is something when others feel happy with what you are doing, but because of some immature guys in our Hindus and because of some creative cracker companies, so many are buying crackers and creating a lot of sound ,air pollution.

We know what is right and if we feel that anything that creates any disturbance to others, we will try to stop doing.For example, we stopped child marriages,sathi sahagamana after realizing they are threats to society.

Similarly, its time to realize our Globe is getting so much pollution and we have to stop doing, that creates any disturbance to others.

Here are some Ideas which I think you could get same satisfaction like how you get after firing crackers.


Hey this is the best idea even children can do easily and this won’t create any air pollution but some temporary noise pollution.

Required items are balloons, agarbathi stick, matchbox.Fire that agarbathi and place all balloons in the house and let your children blast all balloons with that agarbathis as shown in the picture.

Celebrate Diwali 2017 Like Men,Do These To Avoid Pollution

Water Packets

Most of us might have already tried this technique, just take all the empty water packets and blow them, then place water packet on the land. Place one of your leg on the opening end and make sure the packet is completely blown when you placed your leg on the open side.

Then place your other leg on the blown side forcefully so that water packet burst with sound.Hope this may give a sort of Diwali Crackers satisfaction.

Celebrate Diwali 2017 Like Men,Do These To Avoid Pollution


Bubble Gum and Packing Wrappers

This is the budget technique and no one could be disturbed.Just take some packing wrappers and press on the bubbles to burst them and enjoy small sounds.Next, buy some bubble gums and chew them, blow them as much large as you can until they burst themselves.

Celebrate Diwali 2017 Like Men,Do These To Avoid Pollution


This is the best technique and also helps in the proper blood flow.Just gather all of your friends and start clapping by making large sounds.

Celebrate Diwali 2017 Like Men,Do These To Avoid Pollution

Let’s Make This Diwali Pollution less and do share this to your friends

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