Build Billion Dollar Companies Knowing Functioning of a Woman’s Body

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One could learn how to Build a Billion Dollar Company knowing the Functioning of a Woman’s Body!!!

This is How I decoded!

Nature always tests one to find how much he/she is deserved to lead a happy and well prosperous life.

A normal person would undergo various sufferings before he/she could decide or jump into the field which is very rare and only great people would choose, like Entrepreneurship.


In the same way, a Girl would undergo various pains in her life to be prepared to get a chance of becoming Mother, which is absolutely the biggest Gift that has been given to Females.

She would face fatigue, migraines, bloating, loss of hunger and many such issues before one week of starting her first Period, which is a notice sign sent by nature for her to start preparing for her Baby.

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Like how Bill gates & Elon Musk started preparing themselves from very earlier ages to build a Billion Dollar Companies, Girls use Menstrual Cycles to master bearing pains and becoming strong to face any labour Pains in the future.

Girls are lucky in adapting many things to accomplish their future goals as Nature is working like a teacher forcing them to prepare for the future from their earlier ages.

While boys aren’t that lucky because all Boys couldn’t be aware of new technologies, startups and many other industries that lead the future in their earlier ages as Billgates noticed.

Like How a girl who doesn’t take care of her health, doesn’t follow any good food habits and always in stress faces irregular Periods, an entrepreneur who doesn’t follows time management and good habits won’t get results in correct time.

Like how Immatured eggs contain in a structure called follicles in Ovaries, every person’s brain contains a lots of Ideas without any initiation.

Like How pituitary gland triggers hormones that reaches ovaries and help immatured eggs to mature, every aspiring entrepreneur needs to get motivated with powerful speeches that unleashes the power within him/her to initiate the Ideas.

Like how the brain sends luteinizing hormones to help eggs to be released after it notices follicles’ expansion, investors will help entrepreneurs who are really putting efforts to release the idea into the Public.

Like how Egg gets 24 – 48 hours after Ovulation to be fertilized, every entrepreneur gets great Opportunities to make their idea into next Billion Dollar thing and those opportunities lasts for the very limited amount of time.

Like how an egg which doesn’t get chance to be fertilized, uterus sheds the lining to vagina where the whole messy stuff that’s happened around egg would go outside, an Entrepreneur who fails to pitch his idea in front of investors or who fails to impress his customers may looses the hope with idea and stops it.

Like how the bleeding thing is a very good thing for any woman as it’s helping them to release infiltrated blood and many waste stuff that’s not gonna be needed to present in the body, any failed person doesn’t need to be felt depressed if one idea has failed as he/she learnt many mistakes from it which they won’t repeat in their next idea.

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Like how an unhealthy person’s body causes hormonal imbalance causing follicles do not mature and fail to dissolve creating cysts leading to PCOD, any person who is having passion towards startup but working for someone makes him/her feel bad and they can’t forget dreams they wanted to achieve leading to many psychological problems.

Like how endometriosis causes tissues to grow outside uterus and blood clots which stuck outside utereus causes inflammation, a person with many ideas without any implementation or doing something not related to his/her idea causes stress and many other problems.

Like how a woman with pregnancy cares her body with so much care until the baby to be released, any founder should take care of his/her idea carefully before reaching to the public.

Consider baby is like MVP, then start raising it until you no longer need to work on it like making it a strong brand or making it works on autopilot or even assigning it to some expert to take care of, like how parents raise their children carefully until children reach a certain age where they can lead their life without any help of parents.

Like how a woman takes medicines or any other methods to get periods very fast and suffers from side effects which may lead them to get infertility, an entrepreneur shouldn’t rush for profits but should work with patience and long term vision.

Like how a woman loses the power of birth-giving after reaching Menopause, every person should remember the time and should start working on their ideas as early as possible before they get attached to many responsibilities.

Like how a woman after Menopause can get pregnancy with the help of Surrogacy, any person can become an entrepreneur even at an Old age using many resources like how Ray Kroc built McDonald’s

Bottom Line: World needs Great People and only two people can produce them, One is Women and the second is Entrepreneurs.

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