You want to Start Blogging but all Free Courses and Gurus are Confusing You?

Blogging for beginners

Nowadays Blogging has become the first word to be heard for someone who searches “Earn Money Online“, isn’t it?

Maybe because of this, Google is overloading with tons of Blogging related content and everyone is trying to sell Blogging courses.

When I was searching for Online money, I’d come across data entry, captcha entry, money by sending emails and clicking on some random ads, later I’ve across this Blogging word which really boosted my Interest towards Online money.

Blogging Buzz

I learned about Blogging from various blogs and Youtube but never dared to start my own blog. After seeing many bloggers posting how they are able to travel the world and their blogs are generating money for them on autopilot, I started my Free Blog using which later I felt that was the worst thing I did.

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Never go for Free Hosting, Never, Never unless you want to start a blog that to be seen only by you!

I wanted to start a blog to earn money not to do an NGO kinda thing, I’ve got to know the money principle “One has to invest money to generate money“.

Boom!!! I purchased hosting from Hostgator because Hostgator’s servers are available in India also that makes my site runs faster in India.

Check what are the things you should look over before you send a dime on Hosting: Check these before Buying Hosting

Once I am done with having my site running on the Internet, I started writing articles everyday on random topics I like and used to share on social media.

Guess what??? I could manage to get only 10 – 20 viewers daily and this continued for 2 months. I was frustrated with traffic statistics and almost went on to give up Blogging.

I felt there are secrets and strategies to run successful blogs and those are not being told on Youtube videos and on even some top blogs.

Everything has a price in this world, we have to pay for it to get immediate results and to save massive time that all those top bloggers wasted on testing, trying various ways to get huge traffic and many things that we don’t have to:)

Boom!!!Boom!!! I went on purchasing the best courses on the Internet and spent almost 10,000/- on Blogging related courses and completed every course within the first month of purchase. ( I was on Fire🔥)

When I spent my money on courses, I couldn’t let them away incompleted and I felt like I have to complete the course otherwise my money would be wasted. This triggered me to complete every module and almost understood how top bloggers are earning huge money every day.

I’ll be talking about blogging and Marketing every day on my Facebook group and through Instagram.

I am sure many of you are still in confusion about getting started with blogging and struggling to find answers for many questions in your head, Right?

Don’t worry! I’d strongly suggest you get your hands right now and begin with whatever amount of knowledge you have and everything will be sorted out.

This is what I am following everyday in my life!

I know many free resources, free videos on Youtube and many free courses from random guys are making you motivated towards blogging but in the end, they are making you just a consumer of their content.

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