Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Traffic For 2018

Starting a business is simple and anyone can do this but getting customers and attracting customers plays the main role to become successful in the business and same as the blog/website.To increase one’s sales or popularity one should be aware of what it is customers are really searching for?Analyse how the marketing is going in your surroundings,what is the competition for you?and how they are doing their business very well?To do this one can do a lot of research,receiving information from the other company workers and so many will be done before and after starting the business.Then the same pattern will be applied in this online business also and what are you waiting for?

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017

These are the best and free tools to analyse,compare and to get detailed information of your and other’s website also to increase blog views or your online business customers.

Google Trends

It is powerful marketing strategy tool that can be used for keyword research but it shouldn’t just be considered as a keyword research tool and it is better to use both keyword planner and google trends to get detailed information.

It return the daily trends and shows the reports with color-coded line graphs,bar graphs and with maps which can be downloaded and shows the relative popularity of any particular category and can give the information based on the single query and one can retrieves the data by setting the date to date or month to month range of any query.

Keyword Planner

It’s the best free tool from the Google Adwords which allows users to get information based on the keywords and one can get historical statistics about the keywords and search volume data from a particular location and more.It allows to choose the competitive bids and budget bids to use when you starts any campaign.


It’s a kind of all in one marketing tool where one can get detailed information by entering keywords,phrases,domain name.One can do domain and keyword analytics,get information about everything like organic search,backlinks,ad history,paid search traffic and competitors by entering other website’s  domain name.

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017

Google Analytics

All the above tools are used to analyse what are the keywords typing by the people and how your competitors are getting traffic.Now its time to know how your site is performing and what are the errors,mistakes are involved in your site.

Google analytics is the powerful tools to get information on how your site is performing,how much traffic is getting and can get details based on the location,real time,device category,organic search,social and referring and a lot.

Google Page Speed

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017

This is where you can get details about how much speed does your blog is  loading on mobile and desktop.What are the errors that have been involving in your site and how to remove those errors by using some techniques like optimising images,rendering javascript and so many tips will be mention based on the errors in your site.

Neil Patel

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017

Get the details about your site performance,keywords using for organic reach,errors in the site,backlinks,visitors for a page/post and a lot and it is also the best tools to  analyse and compare other website performance.

GA Checker

GA Checker spiders your site, much like a search engine, and identifies which pages contain Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords tags and which ones do not.

Moz Research Tools

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017

The best tool to get keyword suggestions,to research backlinks,to find link building opportunities and SERP analysis,find potentially damaging links with Open site explorer.


The best tools to get the detailed information about other site’s performance,what are the keywords they are using to get traffic,backlinks history,keyword research,top organic competitors for the sites by doing domain overview.

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017


The best tool to compare your site with any popular website in the world and you can get the information on engagements with your site by the people compare to other sites and the organic,social search traffic to your site.Just enter the domain name which you want to compare with your site and there goes the details.

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017


If you want to get the details about other site’s traffic,rankings in global,traffic from geographical locations,backlinks,organic and social traffic,then this tool is the best to use.

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017


The best tool to get the information on your site SEO,performance,usability and mobile readiness,social activity and more.

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017

Rank Of Your Site


Nibbler will give you the report by scoring your website out of 10 considering key areas like SEO,accessibility and more.Pagerank and Alexa also the better options to get the rank of your site.


The best site to estimate value,daily page views and revenue of the site.

Must Know Free SEO Tools To Increase Your Blog Views For 2017

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