Best Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks Must Know

Best command trick and hacks

Here is the best commands every one must know and have the fun after knowing these.

  • Type (getmac/v) and enter to know your  wifi mac id/physical address.
  • Type (tree) and enter to get to know all files in your computer.
  • Type color 5 to get blue color to text.
  • Type color a7 to get background colour to white.
  • For knowing all colour codes type color list.To shutdown your computer type shutdown -s -t 2700 and enter,it shut down after 45 minutes.(give any seconds what you want)To cancel the shut down type shutdown -a and enter.
  • If you want to restart type shutdown -r -t 2700,restarts after 45 minutes.
  • For knowing status of your net connections type netstat.
  • For changing passwords of other desktops follow these:
  • Go to command prompt and enter net user.
  • You will see a list of users remember administrator name.
  • Then type net user (that admin name)(give space) * and enter.

  • It will type new password ,type and enter and again enter same,then done you changed password.
  • If you want to remote shut down other computers from your’s.Follow these:
  • Go to command prompt.
  • Type net view to know which ip of computer you want to shut down.
  • You can also check by typing netstat -n to check ip of users.
  • Then type shutdown -i and enter,then a dialogue box will be displayed so click add and type ip of your computer which you want to shut down and then give any display message to display that message while that computer is going to shut down.
  • How to go to any site through command prompt:
  • Simple type tracert and give space and type any site like

  • Then atlast you will see that site ip address .
  • Then enter that address in your browser and it will directed into that site.
  • Ok other than using command prompt you can di some fun in run box:
    Press windows+r and type compmgmt.msc to go to computer management.
  • Type in run box like this telnet and watch starwars movie in command box and enjoy.
  • Ok finally one tip you can also open command box with out typing cmd in run box.
  • That is go to notepad and type and save that as .bat format and open it.Then you will be taken into command box and done.

I hope all these tricks makes you crazy towards command prompt window  and If you have any doubts,feel free to comment below  in the comment box

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