This is How you can become Master in Java: Java Learning 02

If you are messed up finding the perfect article to know what exactly steps you should follows to become master in Java, this article is the one recommended.

When I wanted to get started with Java, First I searched for What is Java and after knowing its wide applications I got so much excited and went on to find how to master in Java.

I’ve seen people talking about this thing in different ways such as some guys tell you have to master frameworks,APIs and so many stuff that a beginner probably haven’t heard before and some guys talk about building complex web-applications,server end programs which makes any beginner to give up on learning java.

Today I’ll simplify the basic steps to advanced steps you need to follow to become master in Java.

Java is a platform independent language that means you can run one program in any Platform(os) that makes this as one of the top languages any programmer should know.

How to become Master in java?

Learn basics of Java

Yes, this is the common step for anyone to learn any program. Basics means you should know common syntax,loops,condition statements, concept of Arrays,Strings,Classes,Objects,methods,Data hiding concepts and you should be able to write small programs using them.

Learn Java OOPS!

This is the key concept behind Java’s Object Oriented Programming Language and they help in creating methods,re-using them,security purposes and helps in so many areas that we are gonna discuss in our blog.

List of OOPS concept in Java are Abstraction,Encapsulation,Inheritance and Polymorphism.

Jump into Advance Concepts

If you have completed first 2 steps, then you got access to enter the java family, to become the member of java family you should have knowledge about core concepts such as APIs like java.util.*,I/O,collections,Threads,Generics,Swings e.t.c, If you want to enter web application development you should have knowledge about JSPs,Servlets and JDBC.


Once after you learn theoretical content about java,you may get feeling of you know all concepts but the truth is you just memorized all concepts which can’t make you master in Java. 

This is the same mistake I did everytime I begin learning new language,I just go through many video courses and consume all content without running them on my computer. I can say answer to java questions but couldn’t get the program results without error.

You can become master in Java or any programming language only if you practice a lot on all concepts.

Join in Forums

Instead of wasting time on social media, just keep an eye on communities/forums where people who are interested in Java spends all their time. You can go into such forums and ask a query or you can also answer to people’s questions. In this way you can get network of like minded people and also gain knowledge on various updates,new concepts in java,tricks and tips you can implement to master java.

Follow Blogs and Developers

This is the time of E-learning where one can learn anything on the tip of fingers, you can search “Java Learning Groups” on facebook and it shows you dozens of active groups, search on google you would turn up with top blogs you can subscribe to their newsletter, follow the same in Instagram and Linkedin to surround yourself with all Java content.

Participate in Coding Challenges

This is the best way to know how much you mastered java. You can just go to google and type Java coding challenges and so many results will show you. you can just go and participate, dont worry many of them would be free of cost.Dont worry about the bad results you get in such contests since you are there just to test your expertise levels and based on that results you have to dedicate time and put efforts to master Java.

Build your Applications and Share them

I know you could get bored up sometimes writing all such codes and this is what you should do to keep the motivation levels on high, Just create some small applications and share them on social media,you would receive so many appreciation comments which will boost your interest towards coding so many such applications and ultimately makes you a master in Java. You can also build a portfolio site/blog where you can show all your works at one place. This is actually a best practise and also helps you in getting  a high paying job.

You can create your portfolio site/blog in less than 5 minutes, get your Hosting at a Best Offer: Hostgator

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