Amazing Science Lies Behind Hindu’s Superstitions and Traditions

Most of Indians might have experienced in their childhood with a lot of superstitions told by their grandfather/mother and everyone thinks they are so stupid.

But the shame part is so many Young students and employees thinks they are so dumb and nothing to follow them,but other countries are realising faster and following them.

Anyway this article’s intention is not related to any kind of motivation or something to make realisation about Hinduism’s Power but to tell how much science lies in it.


Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

Most of the Indians used to do Namaskar as a kind of greeting which is by bringing the palms together before the face or chest and bowing and done both at arrival and leaving from one’s.

The Japanese form of greeting which is bow and hand wave has origin from Hindu Namaskar.

But the real intention behind this namaskar is to derive spiritual by completely diminishing the ego and shallow pride as Namaskar in sanskrit says namaha which means paying salutation and feeling like You are superior to me.

Human body is considered as a microcosmo in this cosmic universe in which constant energy flows in the body and when there is any physical contact with a negative person which transfers negative energy into you.

That’s why most of the Indian saints wont allow normal persons to touch their legs which is more powerful in releasing positive power.

By doing this one can avoid of transferring bacteria or any type of transmittable diseases.

Wearing Bangles

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

Indian women love to wear bangles to enhance their beauty with variety colors of bangles which is termed as Bangri or bangali,which in sanskrit means “The ornament which adorns the arm“.

The main secret behind wearing bangles is in ancient days men used to go and work in farms while women stays in home and always works with household which is so much than men’s work.

Doing always this kind of works in home by sitting and having less physical work,they might get increase of blood pressure.

The wrist position is in constant activation on any human body and so the bangles worn by women are in the wrist portion,so there will be a constant friction which increases blood circulation and the electricity passing out through the outer skin will be reverted to one’s own body due its round shaped bangles which has no ends to pass energy outside but to inside.

Best Ways to Sleep 

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

In Hinduism it is advised one to sleep by keeping head towards east/south and avoid north and west,there is a science lies behind this.

Earth has magnetic field in which magnetic pole stretched from the north to south with a positive pole at north and negative pole at south,then scientists tells that humans also has some kind of magnetic compass with a positive pole at head and negative at feet,thus we know like poles repel and unlike attract so if we lay our head towards north then both the positive sides repel and struggles.

Everyone knows that earth revolves from the west to east and sun’s magnetic field enters from the east side and this field enters our body by placing our head towards east which makes head cool and warms feet according to the laws of magnetism and if we sleep towards west,it affects as feet cools and head warms results in a wake up with a bad morning.

Peepal Trees As A Sacred

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

Hindus considers trees as a sacred as they consists of so many helpful products for medical purposes and mostly peepal,banyan trees considers sacred.

Some says like don’t sleep near banyan trees,it may kills you because devils are there near to them and they plants peepal trees and worships them daily.

The reason is the peepal tree is the one which can release oxygen even at night times and scientists says that its not possible but some trees like peepal releases oxygen that too in small amounts because of their ability to perform a type of photosynthesis called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism(CAM),so they are considered as sacred.

Stops If One Sees A Cat Going

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

I think almost every Indian might have experienced this thing and the reason is very simple,In those days farmers used to go their homes at late night times with their bullock carts and while in their journey oxen scares or shakes the cart if they crosses any cat family type animals which have their eyes glows during night times.

So farmers used to slow down or stop the cart and waits for a few minutes and starts their journey and this became like a superstition.


Ayurveda says major health problems occurs due to accumulation of toxic materials in the stomach and cleansing toxic materials keeps healthy life and so by fasting all digestive organs get rest and remaining body mechanisms get cleansed.

Fasting acts as antidote,lowers the acid content in the body helps people to be healthy and scientists are telling there are lot of beneifits with calorie restriction like reduces risks of cancer,heart problems e.t.c.,

Kumkum On The Forehead

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

Kumkum between the eyebrows is said to retain the energy in human body and controls the various levels of concentration and while applying kumkum the between the eye brows it points on the mid brow region and Adnya chakra are automatically pressed which controls the blood supply to the face muscles.

Bells In Temples

All the Hindu temples have bells and they tells us they can keep away evil forces away from entering the temple but the main reason is that their rings clears out our mind and makes us sharp and focus on god.That sounds echo is enough to make activate all the seven healing centres in our body which keeps our mid away from negative thoughts.

Most of these sounds are used as a binaurals and so many people are showing interest to listen them to get some peace of mind from their rushy jobs.

Toe Ring To Women

Most of the married women wears toe ring and it is not just a thing that worn by a married women but there is a science lies in it.

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

Women wears toe ring to their second finger which has a nerve connects uterus and passes to the heart,thus it strengthens uterus and menstrual cycle will be neutralises.

Sitting While Eating

Its not just sit and eat procedure but its also a part of yoga and that is Sukhasana in which one sits cross legged which makes a sense of calm in mind and help in digestion and sends signals to brain to prepare for digestion.

Why Copper Items Has More Importance in Pooja

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

In Hindu temples one can see most of the items used in temple are made up of copper and there is a science behind it and it is becoming a trend to make copper items.

The reason is copper releases copper ions when microbes,sneezing/vomiting,transferred from contact lands on these copper surface,these ions stops the bacteria’s cell respiration,punch holes in their cell membrane and destroys their RNA and DNA.

Now a days Scientists proved that about 90% of bacteria could be reduced on its surface and so they are telling to make all the hospital items like bed rails,door handles and everything with copper.

Piercing Ears

Science behind Indian Traditions and superstitions

Most of the Indians pierce their baby ears and so many tells the main reason is it for curing asthma.

Some says the outer part of ears carry a lot of acupressure points,helps the growth in brain,maintains reproductive organs and helps in reproductive cycle,prevents conditions like anxiety and helps to keep digestive system in order.


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