Alarm Lock For Home,Bikes&Cycles Under 500! Why You Need It?

Do You Really Need An Alarm Lock?

alarm lock for home

Hei, I wanna tell a small incident that happened in my area. My neighbors went on a tour for a week and they’ve returned back home with a lot of stuff that they had shopped in their tour. They were shocked when they saw their home door’s lock was broken and a few seconds later they realized that someone entered and stolen all valuable things as all cupboards were empty, clothes were on the floor and of course, money and jewelry were not even found on the floor.

One More incident that happened to one of my friends, he parked his Royal Enfield bike outside the daba and when he returned to take his bike after an hour, the bike was not there. I don’t wanna bore you guys by telling what he had done to get his bike back and how many months it took for him to get his bike.

The reason why I am telling all these incidents is not to freak you out and sell some random alarm locks but to give awareness on how robberies are increasing daily. I don’t wanna stop just by spreading awareness, also I wanna tell you how you can avoid getting your home or vehicles theft with this anti-theft motion sensor alarm lock. Let’s jump into safety session:)

Alarm Lock-Never Delay When It Comes To Safety

This is the coolest device that you can use for your home/vehicles as it is just like any other lock but with some cool features.I’ll tell you what are those:

alarm lock for bike

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  • You can use it as a normal padlock or Alarm Lock for home/vehicles.
  • When You lock the door with this anti-theft motion sensor alarm lock, it gives some warning sound for 10 seconds when someone tries to open/break it without any key and gives sound again with the next attempt.
  • If no one touches it for the next 35 seconds, it will reset so that it gives triple beep sound if anyone tries again to break it.

How To Use Alarm Lock

It is very simple if you follow these steps:

alarm lock

  • First, you have to Buy One for yours! ( Offer Running On Amazon)
  • Now you can see the alarm lock with 3 keys, now it works as a normal lock.
  • open the shackle using keys, now rotate the shackle to anti clock direction and insert into the lock.
  • It gives beep side after inserting shackle and this indicates the alarm is active.
  • You can change the position if you want to use it as a normal lock.

This works by using 6 1.5v cell batteries. Do these to replace with new batteries if old batteries die:

how to use alarm lock

  • Remove the shackle and now you can see the screws inside, undo those 2 screws in the shackle holes.
  • Now you can see the batteries which you can replace with new batteries.

So I guess I’ve told everything you need to know about this alarm lock and if you like this article, why not to spread awareness to your friends and relatives just by sharing this article?

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