This is How Much I Obsessed with PUBG, Are You Related to?

I am not a lover of games and really I feel it’s a complete waste of time until I’ve come across with PUBG.

pubg game addiction

First time I saw a few of my friends playing it, then youtube was trending with PUBG Videos, a few days later Govt started talking about PUBG and after watching all these I felt so deserted.

Then I asked my friend to share that 1.5GB file and placed the Tencent folder properly into the obb folder in Android mega folder.

That’s it, I began with the trend…

Don’t know what to do…just get started with Arcade mode…. Played for a while and was gun shotted just before I shot the very first guy in my PUBG game.

I was repeatedly failing to shoot, sometimes I killed 2 – 3 guys while my friends were posting that they won Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in their Whatsapp Status.

My noobity in pubg stopped me from joining along with my friends’ game, then I went on some PUBG tutorials and tried to crackdown the tips and tricks to get Chicken Dinner this time and every time.

This time I began playing with PUBG mobile triggers which made shooting at enemies faster and simpler.

Practice makes a Man Perfect.

pubg mobile game chicken dinner

Started playing day and night, made so many friends online and finally after many plays, I won Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and that blew my mind, immediately shared as status as a sign of pride.

My friends asked me since when did I start playing the game and I said, “Just 2 days before”.

Joined in my friends’ Clan, started winning many Chicken dinners, downloaded other maps too, customized everything, started giving tips too.

Everything was going fine, one fine morning my roommate told me I was talking and shouting in my sleep. It continued for many days…

I realized I was feeling so much difficult to get sleep, every time I go to sleep I get the clips like someone is aiming at me or shooting at me and gun triggering and walking steps sounds.

So many strange things started happening and many times I asked myself how immature Am I to do these things:

I was walking on a Road, I saw someone walking on the upstairs of one of the buildings and unknowingly I sat down and observing them. (What the hell my motor nerves were doing?)

You know what? I often told go to Pochinki when auto rickshaw guys asked me where to drop.

I bought fascinating PUBG Tshirts printed with PUBG related words, for example like the one below.

pubg tshirts

I replaced Bag, Luggage terms with Backpack.

Previously, I was coming to my hostel room from my class within 5 – 10 minutes. After starting playing PUBG, it’s taking more and more time since I was coming all the way by hiding behind trees, walking backside to slowly moving vehicles, sometimes I was crawling on the grass when I see many people rushing outside.

There’s an Airport near to my College, every time I hear the plane sound I was running to check the direction it went and waiting for the drop to fall.

I was hiding under my cot in my room whenever I heard someone walking in the corridor.

I bought Pubg Keychains having all weapons, Grenades, and helmets.

I even Bought Binoculars because I couldn’t get a way to get a scope.

I was checking plastic covers and boxes from Dustbins thinking of them as Supplies.

I was cutting all the calls that were coming meanwhile I was playing the game (even my parents calls too), not eating properly and forgot people around me.

Suddenly I started feeling like I was surrounded by dark and Loneliness.

I was shocked to see my semester exams results and after seeing my results, I heard a voice saying “I got Supplies”

pubg addiction

After a few days talking to myself, getting the strength to get out of the PUBG addiction, I uninstalled the Game.

Packed all the PUBG Stuff that I bought in a separate backpack (  sorry I mean bag )

Tried to continue the normal life without the game, Controlled myself even everyone around me was playing and shouting at their microphones.

Started feeling great coming to know I am able to control my mind…

A few days later….

Few of my friends told me they were earning money playing PUBG. ( What? )

I asked how and they said about how we can join in the paid tournaments and win money.

This Point seemed very valid and the perfect reason for why I should start playing PUBG again.

And this never Stopped Again.


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