How To Add ‘EXCLUSION’ in Windows Defender

Windows Defender 

Windows Defender is a great software to protect your PC or laptop from viruses and malware.

But sometimes it overreacts and deletes many important DLL files and other important files for gaming.

It detects vital  .dll files as malware or virus and removes it.You can’t run your game or other software without those essential DLL files.

WARNING: Before following the steps below make sure the folder or the file does not contain any virus.

So here we are going to show a way to add exclusion to a particular file or folder.

STEP  1 : Open Settings by clicking on the Windows icon.



STEP  2 : Click on Update & Security and then click on Windows Defender.




STEP 3 :Scroll on the right side and click on Add an exclusion’ under Exclusions’.



STEP 4 : Now you can select the type of exclusion you want.

Enjoy gaming without interruption from Windows Defender !!!

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